Birthday Week Continues

Birthday Week Continues

Simon actually started to hint at his birthday gift a few days ago when I was putting his shoes on and he said, “Ju.” And I thought, “Did he just say ‘shoe’?” And it is sounding like “ju” is indeed “shoe.” However, it is also “juice.” He used it in both contexts today and thought it was the funniest thing. We’re used to having to distinguish words from context because some of his signs look very much the same. Train or banana? Diaper or bird? Airplane or juice? It’s a fun game. Last night he clearly pointed at Micah and said, “Da!” and this morning he was kind enough to imitate me saying, “No no no.” Which he also got quite the kick out of. So happy birthday, Micah, your son can speak.

Also, if anybody is interested, Micah is guest blogging this week at Black Eiffel, a design blog run by one of his college friends.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Week Continues

  1. Hooray for Simon! What a gift indeed. I love that phase when suddenly everything is exciting and amazing again because they’ve got a word for it!

    And nice work on Black EIffel, Micah! Rachel wouldn’t be referring to your still famous Edward Scissorhands costume there, would she? You’ll have to post that fer sure with Halloween coming up!

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