Today is a big day

Today is a big day

After all, it’s not every day you turn 30. Right Micah? The celebration will continue all week long because NYU didn’t get the memo that today is way more important than Columbus Day, so I had most of last week off and I’m making up for it this week. But what better way to celebrate such a big event than to stretch it over an entire week?

8 thoughts on “Today is a big day

  1. Happy Birthday Micah…WoW I can’t believe it.. you are like 4 years older than me and you look super young. What kinda face cream are you using?

    I’m curious (with monkey face curious)

    Jay Superstar

  2. Welcome to the world of 30 my friend. Since I turned 30 a few days before you I have tons of advice to provide if you so desire. It’s thrilling really….. no really….:) Happy birthday old fart! I can say that because I’m just as old, even older if you want to be specific.

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