Prizes, eh?

Prizes, eh?

We got our prizes from the marathon yesterday. Talk about anti-climactic. I waited all day for the UPS man to come. (He’d come the previous two days but I’d missed him both times and this was the last chance before it got sent back.) Simon and I even spent a few hours in the afternoon sitting on the front steps (well, Simon was climbing up and down the steps, walking around the tiny yard, picking up every leaf, etc. while I chased him around and such) before it got too cold and we were both hungry so we went inside. During that time the UPS truck actually passed by on a cross-street twice and I was sure he was on his way to our place but I was wrong. It wasn’t until after Micah got home, we’d had dinner, and we were about to head out to the store that he finally came. And brought this :
It’s a piece of paper glued to a piece of glass (Micah’s is the same, but different age and gender and 3rd place instead of 2nd). Okay, okay. It’s kind of cool, I guess, except that it’s just not the kind of thing that we know what to do with. We don’t have space to display anything of this sort in our apartment, nor are we the type of people who really cares to display such things even if we did have space. Micah took his to work to put in the “living room” as a kind of a joke, but I see mine gathering dust or taking up space in a storage box which our children will discover at some far distant future date.

“You guys placed in a marathon?” they’ll say with quizzical looks on their faces.

“And we were just as surprised about it then as you are now,” we’ll respond.

I don’t know why we were kind of surprised by what the prizes were. What? We placed in a race and got a trophy? Who would have thought. I guess we were both kind of hoping for something . . . useful. Like a gift certificate to Cold Stone or Olive Garden.

In other news, we have almost definitively determined that the creatures who have taken up residence in our walls are squirrels, which makes the problem a bit more tolerable for me than if they were rats. Which is great because the maintenance people aren’t coming until the beginning of November. And we’ve had scratching and squeaking three nights in a row.

6 thoughts on “Prizes, eh?

  1. uh, no offense but those are totally lame prizes. I would ask for my money back…as gift cards.

    And I agree, squirrels don’t seem so freakish I’m-going-to-eat-through-your-walls-and-come-get-you as rats are. :) And why on earth is it going to take the maintenance guys so long to get to you??!

    And FYI, we’ve had chipmunks in our last 2 apartments (well this and the last) and even after our maintenance guys came to seal the hole or whatever, they just came back. But at least ours were outside. I hope yours leave forever.

  2. I have a ton of soccer trophies from when I was little that sit in a box, but I can’t bring myself to throw them away.

    Also, when we lived in Kaysville for one summer we had a bunch of raccoons that lived in our chimney. The chimney flue was closed but they were babies so they couldn’t get out and the mom would just feed them. So, they were there all the time and they are nocturnal. They would make all of these screeching noises at night and scratching noises in the day. People would come over and be freaked out, but we would just say, “that’s just the raccoons.” After a while, I didn’t even really notice they were there. Our landlord never did try and get them out. Hopefully, you don’t have to wait too long. At least they aren’t rats.

  3. you placed! you placed high! that is cool. also, i have been meaning to follow-up on my jealousies of your babble articel by telling you how fabulous it was. i went to comment on it and i had to log in and i didnt remember my username and then ambrose spilled corn and yogurt all over the floor from his highchair in anger… so i will tell you here and now- WONDERFUL! congrats.

  4. man i’m TO’d for you about that prize.

    and i also tried to comment on the babble article but blogger was doing something weird and their was no “enter” key or post comment or whatever after i had typed my comment so i wasn’t able to send it into cyber land. but it was something like

    i loved your article. i was so impressed lizzie, wow. you’re writing is so well crafted. it was hilarious and touching in that relatable way all at the same time. that’s an art my friend. not to mention interesting. i thought the ending was perfect, even if it conveyed something other than what you wanted. well done! fwiw.

  5. Too funny. I guess they assume people like prizes to brag about rather than eat. But I’m with you. I’d take eating any day.

    And… I’m glad it’s just squirrels. Even if you’re not sure it’s just squirrels, it just feels better to pretend it’s just squirrels.

  6. So funny. You know the conversation you have with your kids will be hilarious when they see those “prizes” one day.

    I totally had nightmares about your “rats” after talking to you about them. All sorts of repressed memories from the mission came flooding back! So glad to hear that they’re just squirrels!

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