The Other Stencils

The Other Stencils

I meant to post these ages ago. These are the rest of the stencils that Micah designed and we painted on our walls.

Grandfather clock for the living room.

Art deco flourish in our room.

Place setting in the kitchen.

And a bird to ponder in the bathroom.

They are super cool, in case you couldn’t tell.

14 thoughts on “The Other Stencils

  1. Those are super cool. I especially like the silverware. It makes my white walls seem really boring.

  2. lately i have been planning future colored walls with stenciling and frankly, i think he took these straight from my imagination! when the day arrives (like forever from now) maybe i can get him to make me some?? what a talented guy- these are so cool!

  3. Those are way cool. The grandfather clock reminds me of an ink blot. Very fancy looking, and a lot cheaper than a real grandfather clock.

  4. I love it! Someday I will steal your idea. Hope your don’t mind! You guys are sooooo creative!

  5. who needs a interior decorator when you have a hubby with skillz like that?!! sooo cool. HGTV watch out!

  6. i LOVE them!
    what a bunch of cool designs. did he make them out of paper, then tape them on? or… how did he do it?

  7. btw kaiya needed caps because her front two teeth were decayed. dentist said they probably came in that way and it was most likely a combination of bad genes and nursing while sleeping.

  8. So GROOVY! I love it. Well done Micah, and yeah, how’d ya do it? Especially the larger ones, I have no idea what I would even use.

  9. They were actually pretty easy. Here are the steps:

    1. Find some silhouette type pictures on Google Images and Flikr that you liked.

    2. Use a vector program like Adobe Illustrator to trace or outline the images.

    3. Scale the images to the size you want.

    4. Using page tiling, print the image and then tape it all together.

    5. Cut off any extra paper, leaving about and inch on all sides of your image.

    6. Roughly tape it in place and (using a pencil, not pen) draw a simple line around the image to give you a rough idea on where it will sit.

    7. Take down image and then paint & tape or just tape that rough area using regular or painters masking tape.

    8. Tape the image back up really well.

    9. Use an X-acto knife or scalpel and cut along the actual image making sure to cut all of the way through the tape, but not enough to cut through any sheetrock or anything.

    10. Peel off excess tape.

    11. Paint the wall the same as you normally would.

    12. After it dries, peel off the tape and touch up any bad areas.

    Yep, that's it. Only 12 easy steps. Of course you would need to do it in reverse (kind of) if you want to paint the stencil itself, rather than the wall around it.

    Have fun.

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