Potty Train

Potty Train

We were talking today about how we think Simon is becoming more aware of his bodily functions. Micah said something like, “Before too long he’ll be ready to potty train.” Simon, who was sitting nearby, got all excited and started to sign something. We were confused. He was signing “train.” We’d been talking about using the toilet and . . . oh, wait, we got it. Train. Potty train. Hahaha. And immediately this image (or something like it) popped into our heads. I think we could make a killing putting it on toddler shirts.

7 thoughts on “Potty Train

  1. Funny thing is you probably really could make a killing off it. I can imagine now the Heiselt line of toddler clothes inspired by Simon.

  2. Cute idea! I like that it’s also a warning to anyone watching that kid… sudden accidents may appear…

  3. what a smarty pants! we’re still working on ahonui getting to be comfortable on the potty. not happening yet. boo on poo.

  4. Ha ha, that is hilarious!!

    Hey, sometime soon I want to discuss Wicked if that’s alright. :0)

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