Just Called to Say, "Nyeh"

Just Called to Say, "Nyeh"

Simon just called me. We had a nice little conversation lasting over a minute during which I asked him how he was doing and he said, “Nyeh,” which is his all purpose word meaning . . . whatever he wants it to mean. Then I asked him if Dad was asleep and it sounded like he said, “Yeah,” but I could just be making things up. I’m pretty sure Micah is asleep because I talked to him 15 minutes ago and he sounded asleep already, but he said Simon was wired. That’s my boy. I love that he got the phone, called me, and stayed on the line for over a minute. Too bad he hung up on me before I told him I love him.

5 thoughts on “Just Called to Say, "Nyeh"

  1. omgoodness lizzie, that is just too cute! don’t worry though, he called you BECAUSE he already knows you love him!

  2. Lizzie you watch out, he is picking things up really quickly. Before you know it he’ll be calling 911 and repeating the ABS’s to the dispatcher. :)

  3. Too funny! I’ll bet Micah was out. The one night we got to stay up and party Simon got up at, like, 10pm (Micah will have to correct me on the details) and was still wide awake when we went to bed around 1am!

  4. That’s great. Sometimes I swear he says yeah or naw, but I’m never quite sure. He’s sure a good kid, it’s been fun getting to hang out with him on Wednesdays. :0)

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