Not sure how that happened

Not sure how that happened

NYU received its last tuition payment from the Heiselt family today. We’ve been really excited about this particular transaction for quite some time. And we’ve been counting our pennies for the last month and a half in an effort to keep one of our investment accounts safe from NYU’s greedy paws. (We’ve been taking out subsidized loans and then paying the rest of the bill from our savings.) This time around we realized that unless we dipped into that last account, we were going to come up a little short. Actually, quite a bit short. Approximately 10 percent of the total payment. As soon as we realized this we made a tight budget for the next two months and cut out all extraneous expenses (which mostly consisted of ice cream). Then we started looking for additional funds. Micah took a freelance job and I pitched that story I mentioned earlier — but neither of those would bring in the money in time for the tuition deadline. Then we remembered we hadn’t received our deposit check from our old apartment yet. That took care of most of the difference, but we’d still be really tight for our next rent payment. And then we started to find money in random places. The check I got for jury duty a few months ago turned up in one of our moving boxes. I sold an old textbook. Two paychecks were going to be slightly larger than the others. And of course we stuck tightly to our budget. Last week when I added up our resources (excluding the account we are still saving), we somehow had about $700 more than I calculated we would have. Granted, I rounded up the amount of some of our bills and some of them won’t come due until after I thought they would, but I am quite sure I didn’t overestimate our expenses by $700. I can’t figure out where that money came from. The first thing we did when we realized we were in the clear was, of course, to buy some Breyer’s. Yum. We needed it.

6 thoughts on “Not sure how that happened

  1. wow- that is great! interesting percent to come up short on: 10%… looks like yet another testamony of tithing. i love that.

  2. heavenly Father’s looking out for you…

    I’m always hearing that he helps those that help themselves, and you guys do a really good job at helping yourselves get where you wanna go.

    So thanks for sharing your story. It makes me want to be better.

  3. you guys are the model of discipline. we’ve been blessed in similar ways too many times to remember almost (Heavenly Father is so good)but one such incident was when we found $300 in an old suitcase one Christmas.

  4. Very cool. I love it when that happens. Just amazing how He always takes care of us… after making sure we are fully aware of how much we need Him.

  5. Wow, that’s so cool! It’s amazing how Heavenly Father takes care of us when we’re good, and you both are so diligent! Good work, and make sure you get more Breyer’s soon! ;0)

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