Home Alone

Home Alone

Micah and Simon flew to Ohio this afternoon to attend Micah’s grandmother’s funeral. This is the first time that I’ve really been away from both of them since we got married. I haven’t been away from Simon for more than a half day since he was born. This is strange new territory for me. I miss them already. I even thought I heard Simon stirring in his bedroom earlier although I knew perfectly well that he wasn’t there. Of course I have plenty to keep me busy until they get home (I spent the first six hours after they left reading news stories for one of my classes and I feel like I hardly made a dent in my reading for next week), but it sure would have been nice to be there for Grandma Holben and to spend some time with Micah’s family. This picture was taken when Simon was three months old. He was just starting to laugh, and boy could Grandma Holben get him going. She had a special touch with him.

5 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. i can’t decide if i feel bad for you or if i am just envious! it would be strange to have ambrose and thomas fly somewhere without me, but on the other hand… a couple of days all to myself! i am sure you will be getting some serious work done!

  2. it is kind of a bittersweet feeling being alone, isn't it? when ahonui was five months old I had to fly to Idaho for work for a whole week! I broke into tears as soon as we parted ways at the airport. lol! but once in ID I actually had time to take long naps and read! so relaxing…

    and that's a cute pic of grandma & Simon. old people are my favorite.

  3. I’m so sorry for Micah’s loss, that must be tough. If you need a noisy place to study for a while or just want some company, just give us a call.

  4. We wish you were here, too Lizzie! But I totally understand how things work, ya know? Grandma Holben is such an amazing woman. We’ve really enjoyed celebrating her, and hearing fun stories; like how she used to race her ten and twelve year old grandsons to the mailbox… and win every time.

  5. ahhhh, the price (by which i mean anxiety and lonliness, longing and maybe a little guilt) of freedom is high.

    I’m sorry to hear about Grandma Holben.

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