Simon’s Big Night

Simon’s Big Night

Our street had a block party today, which meant a lot of loud music and us wandering around trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to meet people and to be a part of our community. But Simon had a great time wandering up and down the street and then opening and closing the gate in front of our apartment. He seemed to have worn himself right out, so we put him to bed soon after we went back inside. An hour later, we heard him making noises and we let him out of his crib. It was still pretty noisy outside, and we figured the noise was keeping him awake. Micah had been painting the baseboards and Simon decided he wanted to help out. The paint did not get where it was supposed to. It got in his mouth instead, which did not make him very happy. Obviously. A little later we decided to read scriptures. Usually Simon climbs all over us and tries to close our books so we wait until after he has gone to sleep. Tonight started out just the same, but after a few minutes he walked over to the bookshelf that he has been favoring lately. It happens to be the one will all of our church books. Several times this week he has pulled off most of the books and brought them to me while I’ve been reading for my classes. I was expecting more of the same.But instead of repeating this stunt, he pulled off a copy of the Book of Mormon, came back to the couch, sat down with us, opened it and started babbling as though he were reading it. Priceless.

5 thoughts on “Simon’s Big Night

  1. So cute! Isn’t it so much fun to see him growing up?! I love it when Clark is attentive enough to sit and listen to us reading scriptures–though he hasn’t tried reading them to us yet! :) That first picture is awesome–the flash makes him look like he’s on an extreme sugar high or something. :)

  2. How sweet. Sounds like he’s growing up! My second graders enjoy talking like babies and I am reminded of how young they are. Then I think of Simon and remember that they’re not so little afterall!

  3. He did have a big night. Did he ever go to sleep for you?? I’m glad he’s such a good BofM reader!

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