This is not something you expect to see as you are walking through Prospect Park on a Saturday afternoon:
And this is not something we expected from our little boy:
He actually brings us the monkey to put around his neck. It’s pretty funny. I look forward to seeing more of these little things he comes up with. His other favorite things these days are making up signs that we don’t understand, climbing on our bed so he can look out the window, and riding the train. He signs “train” whenever we hear a train, see a train, or pass a station that he recognizes. Whenever he refuses to sit down so I can put his shoes on, I just remind him that he needs to wear his shoes because we are going on the train and he instantly becomes more compliant.

4 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. So cute! Sounds like he’s going to start teaching you a few of his own signs. That reminds me of the book Frindle. I don’t know if you’ve read it, but the main character in the story invents his own word and gets everyone else in the school to use it too. It’s clever and entertaining and the kids love it so I read it to them every year and as soon as we’re done they start making up their own words for things.

  2. That is one ugly creature. But the one just below is an amazing little kid. I’m sure that he loves his monkey around his neck because now he’s like you, and I’m pretty sure you two are the coolest people he knows.

  3. a crab? in the city? that IS unexpected! (that’s a crab, am I right? lol) and Simon is just the cutest in that pic!!!

  4. I can’t believe you saw a crab like that in Prospect Park!! Maybe it escaped the Aquarium??

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