"It was a dark and stormy night."

"It was a dark and stormy night."

Four years ago today it was my dad’s birthday, the Athens Olympics were in full swing, and Micah asked me to marry him. So, Happy Birthday Dad, way to go Michael Phelps, and please indulge me while I take a trip down memory lane.

When we met, Micah had plans to move back to Ohio at the end of the summer and then go on to New York City to find a job. But that didn’t happen. Obviously. I threw a wrench in his plans (he was kind enough to reciprocate — which is why I did not serve a mission). We started dating with the express understanding that we had a limited amount of time. In two months Micah was moving away, and I would get my mission papers. Within a few weeks we began to reconsider the break-up plan and started considering other options. I bought a plane ticket to Ohio and we decided that we would enjoy ourselves as much as we could until our time ran out. And then we would choose either to go our separate ways or buy some more time together.

The moment of engagement was a rather quiet affair. No roses, no ring, nobody in the bushes waiting to serenade us. I’d spent the week with Micah’s family in Ohio and the two of us had decided on Thursday night as the big night. We went to dinner at P.F. Chang’s, and then started walking around town, as was our habit. I don’t remember exactly, but I’m almost certain we would have been barefoot, both carrying our sandals in our free hands. I also don’t remember what we talked about as we walked, but we walked for a long time. It had looked like it might rain, but by the time it got dark we still hadn’t felt a drop, so we just kept walking and talking. Then, as we were passing the library, it started to rain. We ducked under a tree and got right down to business. What were our options again? Micah would go to New York and get a job. I’d go on a mission. It would be over between us. Or we could stay together. We’d probably get married. I believe Micah’s exact words were, “Hypothetically speaking, what would you say if I asked you to marry me?” I gushed about how I thought we’d be great together, how I felt more myself when I was with him than I ever had before, how I would say yes. And so, having ever so subtly ascertained my opinion on the subject, he proceeded to his next question: “Well, then will you marry me?”

We savored the moment until the rain stopped, then went to Graeter’s to get some of the most delicious ice cream in the world (I got raspberry with chocolate chips). Micah called my dad to give him the news (You’re going to have a son-in-law!) and to ask him if he would agree to such a thing.

It was as close to a perfect night as I could have hoped for.

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  1. Our engagement was very similar. On a walk near campus with no flowers or ring. Meg asked where our relationship was going, and I told her that I wanted to marry her. Happy Engageversary!

  2. Wow four years. In that time a marriage, living in Hawaii, having a baby, moving to New York. Looks like you guys started your eternity on quite a nice note.

  3. I remember that story but it seems even more sweet after four years for some reason. Spontaneous marriage proposals are the best. I’m glad you guys got married. :)

  4. I love it! I think that’s the best description I’ve gotten of your engagement- I was such a mess when I found out about it on the mission that the details were definitely sketchy! You two are great together- I love the picture Lizzie. Ü

  5. thanx for sharing lizzie!! I've never heard the story, but it only fits in to what I remember of you & Micah so much better. u two always seemed so happy together…such great examples of what an awesome marriage should be!

  6. Dear Heiselts,

    Can we be friends again? I’d like that. I was just telling Gabs the other day how I need to have you all over so we can teach her the loser game. Can we make that happen some time soon? I hope so.


  7. That’s so cool, what a great story. :0) Isn’t it nice when things work out the right way?

  8. So fun! I never did hear the whole story… Micah and details don’t mix much. Conan and I thought something was up, due to various hints from Mr. Heiselt himself, and wanted to stick around just in case… but we had to get back home and left that afternoon. Wherever home was at that point… I don’t even remember where we were living 4 years ago! Close enough to visit Ohio at random, apparently.

  9. Awwwww It would be such a great story on a book or a famous magazine like Vogue …. Thanks for sharing..
    I’m all Dior now…

    Not L.V. anymore

    Mister Dior

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