Running and screaming down the middle of the road

Running and screaming down the middle of the road

That is what we did on Saturday. Micah and I did the running and Simon did the screaming. (There were many moments when I felt like screaming but realized that it was probably best if I conserved my breath.) We ran across the Brooklyn Bridge, up the West Side Highway to 72nd Street, through Central Park and then down Park Avenue, which the city had conveniently closed to vehicular traffic all the way down to Brooklyn Bridge so that our way home was relatively unimpeded. It was slightly under 20 miles and I’m not going to record how long it took us because that is something that I don’t want to dwell on as I think about running 26.2 in a month and a half.

The casualties of the run included one of Simon’s snack bowls (hence the screaming), our creamy white complexions (that’ll teach us not to run in the middle of the day again), my right knee (which, after two days of sort of taking it easy is feeling much better), and my ego. Funny how last week’s 17-miler was a piece of cake and just adding a few measly miles brought me back down to earth. It’s good to be humbled.

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  1. i run frequently and yet i cant imagine running this kind of distance! i dont know what it is… anyway, you hsould feel proud– that is AMAZING!

  2. that is sooo cool…Brooklyn bridge, park avenue…not only is it cool that y’all are living the “new york dream”, but u guys are awesome for being such fitness role models! I wanna be like u two!

  3. those 20 milers are killers aren’t they? I totally agree that 17-18 feels just great but 20 is death

  4. It was definitely the length of the run that just about did my knee in. Repetitive stress injury? I don’t know, but my knee is feeling much better, even after two more runs.

    I hope that my body is as ready for the 26.2 as it was for the 17-miler from a few weeks ago.

  5. You are my hero! One day I’ll get past my 13.1 miles… until then I’ll admire your skills and dedication. Ü

  6. impressssive. i’m so nervous for our marathon next weekend. we had a goal of 4 hrs (modeled after you two) but the way training has gone, we’ll be lucky to finish. too many skipped runs based on not having babysitters and not owning a double jogging stroller, and being afraid to run at night by myeself….the list of weak excuses goes on. we didn’t dare take myra on longer than a 12 miler, simon has guts. i can imagine how hard it was all too well….

    so what’s the time you’re aiming for, and which marathon is it?

  7. I’m so excited that you are running a marathon Diana! You’re going to love it, I’m sure. At least you’ll love crossing the finish line.

    We are running the Hamptons Marathon on Long Island. It is the last Saturday in September. We are, of course, hoping to run faster than we did last time, but we are also preparing ourselves for disappointment. I’d be happy with anything under 4 hours, but have secret hopes of qualifying for Boston, which gives me 3:40:59.

    What marathon are you running? I look forward to hearing more about it.

  8. I wouldn’t worry about your time. I probably haven’t even run 20 miles in a year, much less in one day!!

    I’m glad your knee is feeling better.

  9. I can imagine 4 hours in a stroller is no picnic for Mr. Simon, so kudos to you for sticking with it! I remember just running my 8 miles with Neils, and it felt like it took forever… slow down to hand him a different book/toy, snack, drink… He was easy going and really loved it most of the time, but I kept thinking they need a new category to recognize runners with kids!

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