PB x 40 and other things

PB x 40 and other things

The grocery store in our neighborhood has 40 different choices for peanut butter (I think our old grocery might have had 40 jars on the shelf, but probably not). There are several different brands, several varieties of each brand (honey nut, chunky, creamy, reduced fat), and various sizes of each brand as well. I ended up going with Skippy Natural because it was on sale, although in the past I’ve been buying organic peanut butter from Costco, even though stirring in the oil makes it a little messy and I can never get it all the way down to the bottom.

We have come to the realization that we were very attached to our subway lines, even though one of them was just reported to be the slowest line in the system. Our new line has a station really close to our new place, but even so I find myself thinking that walking would be just as fast. It is going to take a while for the new line to earn my trust.

Simon has proven capable of climbing a 6-foot ladder (in nothing but a diaper, which is why I am not posting the pictures), of climbing onto a chair and from there onto the table (nothing is safe), of walking up the slide at the park (he’s not nearly has fond of going down it as he is going up), and of helping us unpack by putting back things we have been taking out and taking out things we have been putting back. His most helpful behavior has been to take long naps, during which I have been able to prime and paint our bedroom.

And a final thought from Micah’s Engrish collection that he started on his mission in Japan: “You can dance the dream with your body on.”

4 thoughts on “PB x 40 and other things

  1. Ah, yes, the joy of extra-mobile boys! It is definitely the beginning of a new era for Simon, my friend! Let’s just hope he doesn’t also have the ultra-independence trait my kids seem blessed with… Neils would be off and out of the park if I averted my eyes for more than a minute (yes it happened, that’s how I know), and Keane has three times found ways out of our fence and decided to take a stroll. Down our busy, truck-driver-laden street.

    And, that quote takes the cake. Love it.

  2. I just hope that the three gates (one with a dead bolt that has to be opened and closed with a key), two locked, and one unlocked doors between our apartment and the street will be enough to keep Simon from sneaking out any time soon.

    How scary that Keane decided to stroll down that road! So glad he has been safely recovered each time.

  3. Engrish . . . I was going to have Micah explain it. It’s basically funny things that happen when the Japanese try to translate things into English. Like when they say English . . . many Japanese can’t hear the difference between an ‘l’ and an ‘r’ so they get them confused.

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