No, It’s Not the Pink One*

No, It’s Not the Pink One*

We found an apartment. And it is pretty much everything we could have hoped for and nothing more. Two bedrooms. Big windows. Large kitchen and bathroom. More closet space than we have now. It’s on a quiet street not too far from a very busy street. There’s a branch of the library and a train station around the corner, and a laundromat on the other side of the block. If all goes well we can start painting and moving a week from Saturday, which, coincidentally, is when Simon and I will be in Utah visiting my family. So Micah will still have to do all of the heavy lifting, but at least he won’t have Simon underfoot.

*It’s the red brick one in case you were wondering.

9 thoughts on “No, It’s Not the Pink One*

  1. What a relief! I am glad you found something and it looks like a sweet neighborhood. See you on the 31st. Ana

  2. Yes, Stephanie, there is. The apartment downstairs (exact same layout) is available.

    Please reserve your space asap.

  3. That’s awesome, we’re so excited for you!!!

    Cameron and I will be around, and I bet we could grab Amy and Christian to give Micah a hand during the move. If there’s anything else you need, give a holler! :0)

  4. Whew! Not a moment too soon, eh? I hope you love it there. Stinks to be the one left behind, but I’ve done it. We survived it. And we’ve learned I stink at packing. Micah, you are awesome!

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