Lucky Ducks

Lucky Ducks

Simon and Samuel were lucky because they got to play together on Saturday afternoon. Samuel is a few months younger than Simon, but I think he could teach The Boy a few things about how to behave at other people’s houses. Samuel’s parents were lucky because they got to go see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. And I was lucky because I finally got to repay some of the kindness they have shown us since we moved here. The only one who lost out on the all of the luck was Micah, who was stuck in Wisconsin not doing the press checks he was flown out there to do. But he’ll be back tonight, and then all will be well in The City.

(Except for the part about how we still haven’t found an apartment and we have 2 weeks before we move and we have one week before I fly to Utah and will be gone until we’re supposed to be out of our apartment . . . and if we don’t find something before then, well, Micah will be a super unlucky duck because not only will he have to move all of our stuff, but he’ll have to find a place to put it as well! Ha! Sometime when he isn’t working his full-time job! Ha ha! But I’m not worried . . . oh, no. Not one bit. Ha ha ha!)

(Forgive me. It’s been a long weekend.)

3 thoughts on “Lucky Ducks

  1. That was so fun to go to your blog and see Samuel with Simon! :0) Thanks again so much for watching him for us! Good luck with the search. Seriously, if there’s anything at all we can do for you, please let us know.

  2. Good luck finding the perfect place…or at least a great place…and soon! Somehow, things always work out…

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