Rough Day

Rough Day

Yesterday was Simon’s 15 month appointment with the doctor and it was one for the books. I’m sure it didn’t help that he didn’t really get his morning nap, and that his afternoon nap was cut short by being mostly undressed and having a thermometer stuck in his nether parts. But things didn’t really get any better from there.

I’m pretty sure that no mom likes to hear that the doctors are worried because 1. her baby has not gained much weight in nine months or so and 2. despite the fact that he communicates quite well with his hands, he is now a candidate for early intervention because he has no recognizable spoken words. I’m not really worried on either account, because Simon is a healthy, cheerful, energetic, curious little boy. The lack of weight gain between his last two appointments could easily be because he started walking and, as I said, he communicates really well. But I am willing to follow the doctor’s orders and get his hearing screened (although I do I think it is a waste of time because Simon can obviously hear just fine — he responds to orders like a champ) and make him drink more whole milk and complex carbs to see if he can’t pack on some pounds.

But that wasn’t all. To add injury to insult, they stuck 5 needles in his arms (3 vaccinations, 2 to draw blood for an iron test — th
ey didn’t get enough from the first arm so they had to stick his other one as well). It was a rough three-plus hours at the doctor’s office, so we tried to make him as comfortable as possible once we got home. He slept like a rock last night, but when he woke up this morning he looked like this:I don’t know how it happened, but doesn’t he look like he got in a fight? I guess he kind of did . . . .

10 thoughts on “Rough Day

  1. Poor Simon! He does look like he got in a fight in that picture but his cheeks also look oh so kissable too.

  2. that breaks my heart! he is such a precious guy- hope things start lookin up today!

  3. poor guy! hope he feels better soon.
    it’s kind of funny how much they put into those growth charts, but it’s good they’re paying attention. jane went through a similar phase at that age where she was really active and actually lost weight. now she’s been growing like a weed and is back in the averages and wearing clothes with the same label as her age. anyway, hope it will be the same for simon. he’s too cute!

  4. That’s a pretty rough doctor’s visit. He looks pretty beat up. Hopefully he starts to feel better soon. Having shots is never fun no matter how old you are.

  5. I look at him, and this is what I see: “Don’t worry about it baby, I took care of it. How ’bout a kiss for the hero?”

  6. Poor tyke, that was a rough day for him. I’m sorry to have contributed to him missing his morning nap, I hope that was all okay. I wouldn’t worry much about his weight, he definitely is a healthy kid. And as far as language goes, my nephew is several months older than Simon and is just barely starting to make any recognizable “words.” I think he’s doing great. :0)

  7. So sad! Yeah, Conan about punched a nurse one time for being too insensitive with one of his boys getting shots. So not fun.

    As far as weight gain, umm… he’s a Heiselt. The majority of Heiselt offspring tend to be in the feather-weight category. We’ve been feeding our kids whole milk from the get-go and not one of them has ever been over the 25th percentile for weight.

    I love that you are trusting your own instincts about Simon and not letting their concerns become yours unnecessarily. Rock on, Mama!

  8. Don’t get me started on insensitive nurses when getting shots . . . Oh, too late. Last time Simon got shots Micah was there too, so he held Simon and the nurses were telling me to let him know I was there to, so I was doing the best I could and then when he started crying (strangely, it was about the same time that they stuck the first needle in his arm) they started talking about what a horrible job I was doing of comforting him and saying that I was doing more harm than good. It was awful. Especially because they were talking as if I wasn’t even in the room. We all left the office quite upset.

  9. SO rude! That would make me fighting mad, too.

    With Conan’s experience he likened her approach to a cow wrangler sticking a cow. Totally rough and insensitive to the fact that she was caring for a CHILD. Grrr…

  10. Well the whole no spoken words/early intervention bit sounds vaguely familiar…

    And I agree with Missy–them Heiselts are just feather-weights no matter what we feed ’em. Clark has yet to reach that 25th percentile for weight…

    Good luck!

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