What is a mom to do?

What is a mom to do?

My son has recently taken to stuffing his hand in his mouth to the point where he nearly gags. I pull it out and try to give him stern looks and a stern reprimand, but all I get in return is laughter and more hand-in-throat business. And when he laughs and is so excited about his game it is hard for me to be very stern, so he thinks it is funny and the cycle continues. This isn’t the only behavior that I try to correct but end up being laughed at (and then laughing as well). I am sure that he will grow out of it, or forget about it and eventually he will learn the difference between when I am playing a game and when I am disciplining, but until then it is a matter of vigilance and patience to keep the boy from making himself throw up.

Kids are so funny sometimes.

5 thoughts on “What is a mom to do?

  1. must be the age- amby does the same sometimes and also likes to stick these plastic drums sticks in his mouth so far that he gags… i just like try and redirect his attention for the same laughing reasons you mentioned but i too am hoping he moves on from this new trick soon!

  2. Oh I LOVED* that phase!

    *I actually could scream now that you remind me of it. For Clark it unfortunately lasted WAY too long…

  3. yeah it was a phase kaiya went through too. i just tried my hardest to ignore it. maybe if he vomits he’ll learn not to do it anymore.

  4. I have learned to ignore my children on these kinds of things. Then when they throw up and hate it, the light seems to turn on! Maybe I’m just cruel :)

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