Helping Hands

Helping Hands

This afternoon I got the recycling ready to be taken out and put it at the end of the hall so that when we leave I won’t forget to drop it off outside. Simon thought he would be helpful by bringing the bags back down the hall. He carried them around the living room for a little while before I persuaded him to put them back where he found them. After he did that, he promptly got out the dust pan and brush and started sweeping the same place I had just swept. He’s a little slow on the draw, but he’s making progress. We’ll have ourselves a little dishwasher in no time.

9 thoughts on “Helping Hands

  1. oh lizzie he is just ADORABLE!! i love the helpful little face that he has while holding those bags. SO CUTE!

  2. He is the cutest little helper! That’s how we learn, step by step. Good luck apartment hunting you guys!

  3. Wait a second, am I just super slow and didn’t catch fact sooner that he’s WALKING?? He wasn’t doing that when we were there! It sure makes carrying things around much easier. :) Good helping Simon!

  4. Oh, yeah. He started walking a few weeks ago. He’s still a bit shaky, but he is doing really well. I was surprised that he was able to carry the bags around and walk at the same time.

  5. He is just plain cute! Don’t you love little helpers? Just so you know, I miss you. I haven’t seen you forever! (almost). My goal is to someday meet Simon! He’s a doll!

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