Apartment Hunting Adventures

Apartment Hunting Adventures

We’re looking for another apartment. The lease is up on this one at the end of next month and we are ready to move on to bigger and better things, like two bedrooms. I’ve been casually scanning Craigslist for several weeks now and it is already tiresome. The postings advertise apartments that are “close to all” (all what?) or that can fit a full-size bed in each bedroom. Sounds spacious. A lot of the pictures make me cringe because they have the same cheap-o cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom that we have right now. I can tell you it does not make me feel at home.

But there are good things out there. Last week we thought we hit the jackpot. It was 1300 square feet (2.5 times the size of our current apartment), with 5 closets (5 times as many as we have now), a balcony, on-site laundry, lots of cupboards in the kitchen, elevators, and huge windows. It was too good to be true. In fact, it was too good for us. For unknown reasons the landlord rejected our application. It was a sad, sad day and we are still getting over it.

Today we found another promising apartment within walking distance of Micah’s work. I e-mailed the owner right away and Micah went to check out the neighborhood on his lunch break. It looks like a nice place, close to a park and right next to the ocean. But then we got an e-mail from the owner that makes us a little bit nervous. He sounds like a very good person, but I just don’t know what our being born again or not has to do with renting an apartment. We’re still investigating that option, but we’ll definitely keep looking for others as well.

Wish us luck.

5 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting Adventures

  1. aw gee..good luck. I really dislike apartment hunting, and it seems like you really have it tough. Hope it all works out and SOON!

  2. we are in the same boat over on this side of the continent… it is not fun and seems way more “luck of the draw” then chose where you LIVE should really be! oh well, good luck to you!

  3. Being “born again”?!?! Isn’t that illegal for him to discriminate?
    Anywho, we are in a similar situation.We are probably going to be moving from Ohio to Washington DC here in the next 2 months. Yeah, NO IDEA how we’re going to find a good/reasonably priced apartment for us 3…

  4. Yeah, we thought so too, Misty. We told him we weren’t that interested. He wouldn’t show us the apartment until we did some paper work. Good luck finding a place in DC!

    We’ve also dealt with a scam artist who wanted us to wire money to Greece . . . meanwhile, the apartment we so love is still available. Do we keep pushing it? I don’t know.

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