The Newscast

The Newscast

I only have two more days of this evening class I’ve been taking for the past month. It’s been pretty intense, but I’ve learned so much. It is a broadcast news class — tv reporting for print students — and we had to put together our own broadcast story. Our stories were due yesterday and last night we put together a newscast. We had anchors and directors and a camera crew, just like in a real studio (probably because it was a real studio). I didn’t want to be on camera, so I got to be the switcher — I switched which camera was being used and cut to the videos after the anchor announced the story — an easy job, but fun too, mostly because I got to sit in a freezing cold room and watch (and listen) while the anchors goofed around and made silly comments that they thought nobody could hear. Good times. The newscast ranks in the top 2 experiences of my graduate career at this point, right up there next to the Times page one meeting. It was really great to see what it is/can be like in a broadcast studio and how quickly and smoothly things have to go to keep things rolling. Even though it was our first time, our class did really well. We only had a few anchors stumble over their lines and I only cut from the video too soon once. Maybe twice.

I went into the class thinking that it would be a waste of my time, but that I had to take it because it fit with my schedule and I needed another class so that I can graduate in December. Now that it is almost over I am so glad that there wasn’t anything else for me to take. I really enjoyed it and I hope I have the chance to do more broadcast stories — both for radio and tv (as long as I don’t have to be on camera). As much as I liked it though, I’m so excited to be done! It seems like Micah and I have hardly seen each other this past month and we have had so much going on. Now that it is over (well, almost over), we have a lot to celebrate: not only because I am 2/3 of the way done with my program, but also because Micah is officially, as of this morning, a full-time employee of UnCommon Goods. We are so excited about having a salary, benefits, insurance, and most importantly, that Micah enjoys the people he works with and will have an opportunity to really develop and expand his design skills.

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  1. So cool. Congrats, Micah! And the broadcasting class sounded really neat. How many more classes until you’re finished?

  2. Congratulations Micah! Having a full time job with benefits is definitely comforting. So does this mean you guys are staying in New York even after your done with school? That’s so great that your 2/3 through. You rock Lizzie.

  3. Contratulations, Micah! And congratulations Lizzie on your progresss! You should swap stories with Uncle Brad. He majored in television broadcasting as an undergraduate.

  4. Yay, good job, Micah, on getting the job!! I’m sure that’s a good feeling. :0) And good job, Lizzie, with all your classwork – I’m glad it was such a good experience. Take some time to enjoy each other’s company this weekend!

  5. Wahoo! A good job is a great thing! Let’s hear it for benefits, yeah? I’m so glad you’ve found a company you’re happy with. And hooray for getting closer to DONE. I’m glad you’re having such wonderful experiences in your education, Lizzie. Hopefully it will make up for the lack of downtime together.

  6. Oh Lizzie, why didn’t you say goodbye? I will forever remember being in control of the control room with you.

    I look forward to catching glimpses of Simon again in the fall. Until then, I will have a home-cook-friendly pastry recipe to you in the next few days… xo.

  7. Aloha,
    Congrats to both of you. Almost done with school and a new job. I will be in NYC the last week on July. If your schedule opens up maybe we can have dinner. I also wanted to share that Greg and I are execting our first child…at last. I will need to figure out how to create a site for our friends and family to visit and catch up on things. Take care!

  8. What good news for both of you. It looks like the long gestation period has given birth to two beautiful twins, a great job for Micah and a future in journalism that is bright with promise for Lizzie. How exciting for those of us who love it when labors produce such promising fruits.

  9. That sounds like a fun class. I have always wondered how news casts work. That’s great Micah got a full time job. What will you do with Simon? Can Micah take him to work with him while you are in class?

  10. Thanks everyone. We are really excited about Micah’s job as well. Jodie, I have three more classes to take, which is full-time at NYU. Two of my classes next semester will be in the evening, so we’ll only have to find someone to watch Simon one afternoon a week.

    Ana, we are so happy for you and Greg. Congratulations over and over.

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