This is Our Life

This is Our Life

6:00am Wake-up. Feed Simon. Put on running clothes.
6:30am Out the door for a run.
7:15am Back home. Stretch. Breakfast. Micah showers.
8:00am Micah goes to work. I do homework, housework, baby work (and play).
5:30pm Simon and I leave the apartment. Micah leaves work.
6:00pm Meet at the train station. Micah takes Simon home. I go to class.
10:15pm I come home. Have dinner. Read scriptures. Get ready for bed.
11:30pm Go to sleep.

But only for one more week.

5 thoughts on “This is Our Life

  1. sounds like y’all don’t have time to be bored!! it all sounds so exciting and busy and fun to be there in nyc. well – at least for the next week anyway!

  2. hurrah for summer!
    i saw where micah showers, but not lizzie. i know you do, but im imagining a very sweaty busy momma, who has to run to class without a shower.
    just wondering? :)

  3. Umm… yeah, I was just going to say… when do YOU get to shower? You could just do the family shower thing… Five more days… five more days… you can do it!

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