Short shorts

Short shorts

I think there is something wrong with the fashion industry when the shorts I am buying for my 1-year-old are longer than the shorts I can buy for myself.

6 thoughts on “Short shorts

  1. If you live anywhere by an Aeropostale, check there. They have cute shorts, good prices and they’re just the right length.

  2. Seriously!! It’s so crazy. I’m just glad I don’t have a teenage daughter to try to encourage to wear modest shorts right now… talk about a tough sell!

  3. It’s weird…the shorts are shorter but the t-shirts are longer…so maybe one should forego the shorts altogether and just go with a long t-shirt? :)

  4. Weren’t long shorts in style a couple of years ago? I guess that trend is over. Sad.

  5. Totally true! I have noticed the same thing with my kids clothes and me! Funny, but sad! However, I am currently wearing shorts that go to the bottom of my knee (and that is rare, for someone so tall)that I got at Old Navy! I love it there!

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