In One Day

In One Day


  • Simon signed “more” quite intentionally and quite clearly. Our fingers are crossed that he will continue to learn more signs (and words).
  • Simon learned to fold his arms, which we have only encouraged him to do once before.
  • Simon learned to crawl onto the desk, which is unsurprising since we practically have a step ladder up the side of it for him. Not sure if I want to move it just yet. I like for him to be able to do things that test his limits — and mine.
  • Simon successfully got off our bed without breaking his head or his leg or anything.
  • We signed up for the Hampton’s Marathon in September. Seventeen weeks from tomorrow. Which means we have to start training, um, now.

5 thoughts on “In One Day

  1. Hooray for Simon, what a rock star!

    …and exciting about the marathon too, I love a good fall marathon.

  2. Simon is so adorable. I love hear about all his tricks! I think thats awesome you are teaching him to sign. Kids are such spunges!

  3. Oh, he’ll get more signs down – and fast! And he’ll probably use one sign for several things (ie. my nanny baby Kaitlyn used “more” for “again” “I want” etc.) Have fun with the signing – it truly helps so much in the communications dept. Instead of whining and crying, you get cute little hands knowing what they’re talking about! Also, good luck training for the marathon!

  4. Boy is he growing fast! I can’t wait to actually get to SEE him and hang out with him and chat with him.

    Congrats on the marathon! Hope you have fun!

  5. I sure hope he learns more signs quicker than he learned “more.” I’ve been signing “more” for about 8 months now and I was just about to give up. But now my resolve has been strengthened, especially since he doesn’t have any words we recognize yet.

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