The Super Cool Project

The Super Cool Project

Remember months ago when I gave you a tour of our apartment and there were a few sheets of plywood in our narrow hallway that I said were part of a project Micah was working on? And remember several months later when I mentioned a super cool project he was working on while Simon and I were in Ohio with my brother? Well, during that time two of the four sheets magically transformed into these:They have proven to be effective chairs, footrests, beds, barriers (to keep a little person contained) and storage bins.
We’re not really in love with the black one, but we can always reupholster it if we want to. Micah did everything himself, in our apartment, from designing to cutting to sewing and stapling the fabric. They are really comfortable to sit on and a welcome addition to our scant collection of furniture. In fact, they may be the nicest furniture we own.

13 thoughts on “The Super Cool Project

  1. those are so cool!! what a beautiful and useful addition to your furniture repertoire. I’m so impressed…Micah should be an INTERIOR designer too!

  2. For about .02 seconds I thought that picture after the “keep a little person contained” comment was Simon stuffed inside one of the boxes. Ha!

  3. If you think we haven’t put Simon in a box, you are wrong. We just usually don’t put the lid on while he’s in there. Usually. :)

  4. The top part of the boxes are just normal furniture foam. We found a good place online and ordered a sheet of 4″ foam that covered all four boxes. Despite being a whole lot cheaper than elsewhere it still ended up being one of the more prices parts of the project. It is pretty good quality, though, so should hold together for a number of years. Also, they nice and comfy.

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