Oil Slick

Oil Slick

I’m not naming any names here, but yesterday a certain someone was doing the dishes and another certain someone was playing in the cupboards beneath the sink. The playing someone managed to find the 3 liter bottle of olive oil, take the lid off, and tip it over without the dishwashing someone noticing. Yes, it was lovely. I mean oily. The culprit obviously felt bad, but not bad enough to keep from rolling around in the mess and ruining his or her pants. The saddest part, in my opinion, was not the roughly $10 worth of olive oil that was lying useless on the floor, but that the dishwashing person, whose negligence indirectly caused the catastrophe, had to run to class shortly after the incident happened and with the culprit incapacitated by his or her guilt, a third party had to step in to clean it up after a long day at work.

6 thoughts on “Oil Slick

  1. Ah, the memories!!! But be grateful. My “certain someone” experiences often involved blood, emergency rooms, and stitches!

  2. I guess it is better to have it be $10 of oil than an ER visit, but dang, that is unfortunate and really funny. I wonder what culprit’s view of the experience was. I’m sure dishwasher and third person were less than amused.

  3. Oh man, that’s rough! I hope it didn’t take too long to clean up. Were the culprit’s clothes permanently ruined, or just needed a good wash?

  4. I can’t believe that Liz made that big mess while you were doing the dishes! And then you made Simon clean it up?!

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