There and Back Again

There and Back Again

We got back from Boston last night. It was a great trip in which we decided that Boston would be a great place to live — at least in the summer time. We loved the New England feel. The neighborhoods were so old, but so well-kept. We were amazed at how clean everything was, especially when we had the hardest time finding garbage cans to throw trash in. In New York there are trash cans on every corner and still the streets are dirty. But we like it anyway.

A few highlights from the trip:
Walking along the Freedom Trail. I especially liked climbing the 294 steps to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument; finding where Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and the victims of the Boston Massacre were buried (below); learning about the Old North Church; and touring the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides — above).Eating ricotta-filled cannolis at Mike’s Pastry. We actually went there twice and decided that if we ever move to the Boston area, it’ll be for the pastries.Running into some friends from Hawaii on the Freedom Trail. It was a total shock to see them there, but so great to see some familiar faces.Putting Simon in a swing for the first time. He enjoyed it for a little while, but we had too much fun taking pictures and listening to him laugh. He also did his first sign while we were there (bye-bye — which he now uses for just about everything), and it sounded like he said a few words (bird, dog, bye-bye). He often says things that sound like words and sound intentional, but we have a hard time getting him to repeat it. He definitely doesn’t like to be pushed into anything.Seeing the finish line for the Boston Marathon. Boy would we love to cross that some day!

The bus ride there and back was just fine. I would recommend Bolt Bus to anyone. We did have a little trouble when we got to New York because of the AIDS walk. It took over an hour to get from 57th Street to 51st Street — just over a quarter mile. We zig-zagged a little bit, but not much. Finally the bus driver found a spot to pull over and let us get our bags from underneath the bus so we could walk to the subway. It was a not-so-great end to a great trip.

8 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. So I had no idea that you guys were going already. FREAK! That’s awesome though. Hope you had a great time. PS when did Simon get so many teeth?

  2. glad you got to get away and simon is looking so old and of course precious! :)

  3. Boston looks awesome! Your little boy is adorable and it is GREAT to see pictures of the whole family!

  4. Simon has six teeth. Two on bottom and four on top. The top ones were on their way in when you were visiting, Abby. He also has at least one coming in on bottom. It’s giving him a bit of trouble, but it also means longer naps. For now.

  5. I love places that look old but are still well kept. I think I would like it there too. Sounds like you had a fun time.

  6. How fun!! I didn’t know that you were going already either. Looks like a really nice place. Who was it from Hawaii? What a samll world!!

  7. I’m so glad your trip went well, it sounds like a blast! BTW, I love the title – Cameron and I just watched Fellowship recently, classic! :0)

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