Sly Dog

Sly Dog

Last week I asked Micah if he was going to get me anything for Mother’s Day. He hemmed a little. “Maybe Simon will get you something for Mother’s Day,” he said. After all, I wasn’t his mother. But then he thanked me for reminding him because he would have felt bad if he hadn’t done anything. I was a little sad that he hadn’t even thought about it when we talked about what we were going to get our own mothers.

He sure had me going. Imagine my surprise yesterday when he sprung on me that he planned a trip to Boston! I couldn’t believe it! We’ve been talking about taking little trips to cities that aren’t too far away during the summer (DC, Boston, Philadelphia), but we weren’t sure how things would work with Micah’s job situation. Or so I thought. It turns out he’s had this in the works for quite some time. I’m shocked that he managed to keep it from me. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

We’re meeting Micah’s brother who will be there for a conference. Does anybody have ideas about what to do in Boston? We’ll be there about 5 days and definitely want to go on the Freedom Trail, but other than that we are open to suggestions.

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  1. I’ve never been east of Wyoming so I’m no help. I hope you have a good time though. I’m glad that Micah surprised you. Surprises are the best kind of gifts.

  2. Wish April and I could have swung a confernece atthe same time — we both just did the Boston thing in the last month.
    We reccommend the trolley tour — for about $28.00, you can ride all day as they take you to 18 different major sites such as the USS Constitution, Bunker Hill, Old North Church, Harvard, etc.
    As far as food — legal seafood is awesome.

  3. I don’t know what to do in Boston-I just wanted to say I am excited for you!!!! GREAT job Micah!

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