10 thoughts on “What the UPS man brought

  1. I am! We just got a Bob Revolution (Duallie with infant adapter seat no less – for the price we had to consider that if all goes as planned Sawyer will have a sibling before too long and $500 for a jogging stroller is quite an investment!)Anyway, I ran the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon when I was 25 – 6 years ago next month. I have a secret in to the Boston marathon but am also considering the Big Sur. Seems like a great way to get back into shape after baby!

    Have fun on the run – I’m sure Simon will LOVE it!!!

  2. Christmas in May is right. Hooray for tax refunds.

    Tysha & Jake, that is hilarious that you bought a duallie. I suppose it makes a whole lot more sense in the long run (get it?) but I don’t think our little NY apartment could hold anything bigger than the solo. It already is taking over a portion of our living room as it is.

    Also, I checked out Big Sur and it looks awesome. It also has the benefit of being early in the summer, which is nice. The down side is that they don’t allow jogging strollers, so Simon and Sawyer might have to just kick it by the hotel pool for a few hours.

    By the way, Lizzie says that you will have to fight Simon for the easy chair, Dad.

  3. Yeah, the duallie is pretty massive. We don’t have much room or much storage space – so it pretty much takes up our entire trunk. Baby gear seems to take up a lot of room – for such little people! I figure that until Sawyer has a sibling (look at me, he’s not even born yet!) we can invite a little friend to ride along beside him or give another mom a little break :)

  4. We run outside. There’s a nice tree-lined street with a jogging path really close to our apartment, and it leads right to one of the big parks where there are lots of jogging paths.

  5. I bet Simon loves it! Which marathon are you planning on running next summer? I’m in. Ü

  6. The sad thing is that Simon’s attitude toward the stroller fluctuates between indifference and abhorrence. He screams when we first put him in, but eventually calms down and sits there sulking until we finish. Hopefully he will warm up to it in time. Our goal is to have him giddy with laughter by the time we hit the 500 mile mark.

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