So, the other day we were stuck at home, waiting for the UPS man to bring an important package. After both of us had missed our guesses on when he would finally arrive, we decided to go down and wait on the porch to see if he was even in the neighborhood. Lizzie also had to return something to school before the end of the day, so we decided that if we didn’t see any UPS trucks in 15 minutes, we’d all head out to NYU together.

Just before the 15 minutes expired, a UPS truck turned a corner and drove a block or two before turning again, off the path to our house. We gave him another 10 minutes and, sure enough, he came back and drove right past our building without even slowing down, despite the fact that we were obviously waiting for him. We decided to give him one more chance. But in the mean time, we thought we’d check out the view from our rooftop. I’d been up there a few weeks before and wanted to show Lizzie.

We went up the four flights of stairs to the top and just as we got to the top my cell phone rang. We scurried out the door so I could take the call. As soon as we closed the door I checked the doorknob. It was locked. Lizzie had thought she’d unlocked it, but hadn’t. We were stuck on the roof. It was a beautiful day (a little windy, but still sunny) and we had a great view, but we were still stuck. I pounded on the door while Lizzie came up with harebrained schemes for me to get us down. I called the super, but he wasn’t on-site. We didn’t have any of our neighbors phone numbers, so we were pretty much waiting for someone to hear our knocks and come open the door.

After about 15 minutes Simon started to get a little cranky. He didn’t want to be held any more, but there was no way we were going to put him down. I decided to try going down the fire escape into the backyard. I thought I would probably be stuck in the backyard, but, as luck would have it, there was a small space between two fences that led out of our back yard and into the yard of an abandoned building. Then I just hopped over the fence to the sidewalk and went around the block back to our apartment and back up the stairs to where Lizzie was waiting by the door feeding Simon cereal (we had our backpack full of supplies with us, thank heaven) to keep him happy.

We were only up there for 20 minutes, but we could have been up there for much longer than that if it hadn’t been for the fire escape. It’s funny how something that I’d normally love to do, like shimmying down the fire escape and jumping over fences somehow becomes less fun when there is actually reason for it.

5 thoughts on “Stuck.

  1. Oh my goodness, what a crazy (and memorable) day it turned out to be for you guys. I’m glad you weren’t stuck there for hours upon hours!

  2. lol! so true micah! your situation reminds me of a “friends” episode where joey and ross get stuck on their rooftop. funny stuff…

    anyway, did the ups guy ever catch up to you guys? or did he just totally miss you guys?

  3. Too funny! I’m glad you thought to use the emergency exit. And that you thought to bring cereal for the Simon. We love you guys!

  4. Phew, glad you were only up there for 20 minutes.
    I was also thinking of the friends episode! It’s hilarious.

    did the ups guy ever make it your way? How annoying that he kept turning when it seemed like he was coming to your apartment. That would drive me nuts!!

  5. The UPS man didn’t come until the next day. He was supposed to come that day, but apparently he didn’t have our apartment number, so he skipped us until he could get it.

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