Two of my sisters, Becca and Abby, were here with their friend Tiff last week and it was awesome. We had such a great time hanging out, playing games, and talking until way past my bedtime. During the day they went gallivanting around the city and making friends wherever they went. We missed out on those adventures because of school and work, but they were kind enough to re-enact them for us when they came home.
I have to say it was bittersweet. I loved having them here. They were great guests, so much fun, so helpful, but then they had to leave. It *almost* made me wish that moving back to Utah were part of our plans. Almost. But not quite. Maybe they’ll come live by us someday . . . . I can only hope.

5 thoughts on “SisterSister

  1. It was fun getting to meet them, I’m glad they could stay with you for a while. It’s great to be with family! :0)

  2. I know whatcha mean, Lizzie. Sad for my family, but we’re NOT moving to Nevada. I just hope we can keep a regular visitation trend going…cuz I know they’re not moving to the midwest!

  3. i really love that picture lizzie. what ARE your plans? will you be in ny indefinitely? my very own sister is in new york for five months too. my mom just flew out to visit her. i hope to do the same sometime this summer, and when i do, i’d LOVE to visit the heiselts.

  4. What adorable girls you are! I almost feel like I’m looking at a picture of three of my own sisters :)

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