He’s getting to be so old

He’s getting to be so old

There were so many good things about today. Simon slept 11 hours last night. He woke up cheerful. He laughed a lot. And most importantly he turned 1! We took lots of pictures of the occasion, but my favorite picture is in my mind. It is of Simon riding on Micah’s shoulders as we walked home from the train station. We raced parts of the way and Simon’s head flew back as Micah ran and he laughed and laughed and laughed. I can’t get enough of that laugh.
He appreciated the phone calls and the letters, but he had a hard time getting into the idea of eating birthday cake (actually birthday fruit pizza). It was so fun to see him open his presents. At first he was really afraid of the little dog from Grandma and Grandpa Blackhurst, but he warmed up to it pretty quick. And he seems to like the blocks we got him. It was a busy day for him and he fell asleep so fast after all the excitement.

5 thoughts on “He’s getting to be so old

  1. So you guys had a luau, right? How did that go? And where did you go that required a train? Oh, and he’s ADORABLE by the way, in case you didn’t know. :)

  2. The luau isn’t until Saturday. I had to go to class today. Bummer.

    Everywhere we go requires a train. The subway is our friend.

  3. Hi Micah, long time no talk. Your little Simon is so cute. Happy Birthday to him! Somebody also gave us that musical dog toy for our daughter, and I’ve got to tell you it is very well loved by her, and after a while ahhh, not so well loved by us. I guess you will see what we mean after time goes. Hope all is well with you and your lovely family.

  4. Happy Birthday Simon!! I love that piture of him checking out his new toy. He really is a cute little guy–I just want to squeeze him!!

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