Some statistics for all you numbers people

Some statistics for all you numbers people

We know you’ve all been wondering about how big our little Chunk-o-love actually is these days. It has been nearly ten months since we broke the news that, against all logic, Micah and I managed to produce a child who busted to the top of the weight charts after 2 short months on earth. Since then we have been guessing at his weight by sticking his squirmy little self on our cheap IKEA scale. I think it was back in October that we said he was hovering near 20 pounds. It’s been 6 months since then and we finally made it to the doctor’s office. I can’t say that any of us really enjoyed it (Simon was the only one of us to cry about it), but at least we know where we stand in the “My that’s a big baby” game.

In the height category, Simon is an unsurprising 28 inches, putting him in the 5-10 percentile. He’s always been a shorty.

His head is also unsurprisingly big at 48 cm, or between the 90 and 95th percentiles. (Why do they measure height in inches and head circumference in centimeters?)

And lastly, the boy weighs in at (drum roll please) 21 lbs. 3 oz. Yes, I know. Slightly disappointing. He’s below average. In fact, he’s just above the 25th percentile line. We’re losing ground, but our arms are happy about it.

The moral of the story is that now if anybody tells me Simon looks like a big kid for a 1-year-old, I can tell them they are wrong.

6 thoughts on “Some statistics for all you numbers people

  1. It’s his head that is so misleading. :)

    Is this an old picture of Simon?? He seems so much older than that!

    Thanks for letting us come and play!

  2. Jodie’s right, the boy has a big head. Ü He’s just so stinkin’ cute! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  3. This picture is about 3 weeks old. It was taken with a cell phone, so it is not as high quality.

  4. He’s a great kid, I always enjoy getting to play with him. It was fun to run into you guys yesterday, have fun with your sisters and friend in town!!

  5. but he’s like way above the 95th percentile for cuteness… i could have said something cheesier. but i decided to stick with that. he is a very very cute boy. :)

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