Our very own Pop Tarts

Our very own Pop Tarts

We’re a little funny about Pop Tarts. We like them, but we don’t like to admit it. We pass them in the cereal aisle and if they are on sale, we debate whether to get them or not. Actually, this only happened in Hawaii when we had a great deal more disposable income (although we didn’t like to admit that to ourselves, either). But there we would stand, staring at the yellow tags and discussing whether 3 for $5 was really worth it to us for the processed food we generally try to avoid. We gave in on very few occasions.
Now that we have a much tighter budget Pop Tarts don’t even register on our radar. I have no idea if they are ever on sale because I never look. But today as I was reading a blog post about making toy food out of felt Micah looked over my shoulder and saw the felt Pop Tarts on display. It was too much. We needed PopTarts and we needed them now. We tried, briefly, to talk ourselves out of it, to remember the good old days in Hawaii when we would spend five minutes staring temptation in the face before walking away empty-handed, when Micah had the brilliant idea that we could make our own. I mean really. Jam sandwiched between two pieces of pie crust. Certainly this was not beyond our culinary skills. Half an hour later we were enjoying pop tarts hot from the oven (and sans the icing). Sometimes I wonder about how long it takes us to figure these things out.

6 thoughts on “Our very own Pop Tarts

  1. wow, you are a genius. I, too, am in your same boat of liking them but not not ever admitting to it (until now!). I hadn’t even thought about trying to make some…duh!

  2. I thought of that the other day, when Chad (the pop tart lover in our house) contemplated buying a box on sale at Tamura’s. I always try to talk him out of it because they have lots of bad stuff in them that I can’t read.
    Now I know it can be done.
    What’s the verdict? are they tasty? any tips? I might try it myself.

    thanks :)

  3. How do you find the time to do all the sewing and the baking, and the schooling, and the mommying…is there no LOST in your life anymore?

  4. What a good idea! Yeah, I’m curious too… are they as good as the crappy-for-you-but-delicious version we find in the cereal aisle?

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