Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Which right now consists of planning a certain event for a certain someone who is celebrating something special in 17 days. This was part of the planning, sort of.
We’ve also gotten a glimpse of The Dream this past week. This Dream is for us both to be at home during the day, raising the kid(s), working on our projects, and generally making our own rules as much as possible. Micah has been doing a project from home which has made the trade-off between work and class so much easier. I imagine that going back to an office job will be hard, for me and Simon if not for Micah. I love having somebody else here to play with Simon while I do important things like update our blog and procrastinate doing homework. Simon loves it, too. I’m not as good at teaching him to break dance as Micah.

Other items of business:

  • Simon’s rat tail has gained sufficient length that Micah thinks it needs to be cut. He has not yet scheduled an appointment with the resident barber, however.
  • I got all crafty last Friday and made a baby carrier (like the Beco we have) for a little girl in our branch to carry her “babies” Molly and Ray-Ray (short for Rachel) around in. Sorry, we forgot to take pictures, but just know that you would be very impressed.
  • We went on a date (!) without Simon (!!) on Friday. The babysitter said that Simon behaved admirably. He may be conquering the separation-anxiety beast. I may be conquering the beast also.
  • Simon has learned to crawl off the couch head-first without becoming paralyzed. But the bed still poses a major threat.

Hmmm . . . that’s all for now.

8 thoughts on “Back to our regularly scheduled programming

  1. lizzie he’s just getting handsomer and handsomer! sooo adorable, that simon. and i totally have The Dream too…but hawaii’s just like ny’s cost of living – it’s always a struggle. so The Dream is pretty far off i think. booooo!

  2. I would like to see a picture of the rattail. and what’s with the paint again? and he’s adorable as always.

  3. How does the kid manage to crawl off the couch head-first without paralyzing himself? And yeah, what’s with the blue paint?

  4. Sounds like things are going well, yay! :0) Keep enjoying the glimpses of the dream!

  5. I didn’t know you guys had a kid either! :) Where did you see Emily, and are you guys back on the mainland?

  6. Hi guys! Thanks SO MUCH for dinner last night. The food was tasty and the company even better. I hope we can do it again soon. Thanks!

  7. happy almost birthday to one of the cutest boys! by the way- i love your dream life and hope you can maintain it… come to think of it it is my dream too but i dont have the credentials to back it up. you go girl. :)

  8. Wow! He suddenly overnight turned into a BOY instead of a baby! He looks so different to me. Happy Birthday big guy! Before you know it he’ll be climbing up the slide and going headfirst down all kinds of things! And most of the time he’ll survive without a scratch. And, Congratulations on the dating experience! We love you guys!

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