The Results

The Results

We apologize for the slight delay in posting the Peep Show results. We ended up with 79 votes coming from our friends and family, their friends and family, other random people and Donny Osmond. I know we have already done this, but we want to really thank the Singleys again. We are already brainstorming our next collaboration with them.

So, here are the winners:

#1. Forth of July Hot Dog Peeping Contest – Lizzie & Micah Heiselt (yes, it is a bit embarrassing)

#2. Let My Peeps Go – Meg Singley

#3. Lincoln’s Last Peep Show – Dave & Danica McDonald

Honorable Mentions go to:

Easter Hunter – Matthan Heiselt

Don’t Fear the Peeper (More Cowbell) – Bryce Barrand

Peeps Bathroom – Cassie Singley

Sergeant Peeper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Brad Singley

Winnie the Peep – April Heiselt

Thanks again for everyone that participated. The competition was fierce and the voting really did come down to the wire. We can’t wait until next year!

Addendum: Due to several requests I have posted the final scores as a comment to this post. Check it out if you wish.

16 thoughts on “The Results

  1. That was a great contest! I knew the hot dog stand was yours… Ballot stuffers. JK

    Actually can you guys tell us the count? I’d like to see what the numbers ended up being, ie, was it a landslide, etc.

  2. I wasnt’ here to vote, but it sounds a little fishy to me that you guys won. I would like to see the count also. Did Simon vote? If so, you can’t count it along with your own vote.

  3. I’d be so embarrassed if I were you guys! Ü Now I wish I’d try to guess which one was yours before I voted. Not that it would have changed anything. Ü

  4. The hot dogs are made of flavored tootsie rolls. Glad you liked them. That was my special contribution to the scene. It was also my idea to use crushed Cheerios for the sand, although Simon’s eating habits had something to do it.

    To tell you the truth, I didn’t end up voting. And we didn’t vote for ourselves. Simon was definitely not allowed to vote.

  5. We definitely guessed that was yours! But I thought it was pretty clever and think it is worth the first place prize. :)

    But I’m interested in the tally as well–how close were they all?

  6. Okay, Here is the tally. I am just going to list the ones that scored 20 or higher:

    1. Hotdog – 74
    2. Let Peeps Go – 62
    3. Lincoln – 50
    4. Hunter – 38
    5. Cowbell – 34
    6. Bathroom – 33
    7. Sergeant Peeper – 32
    8. Winnie the Peep – 32
    9. Shakespeepe – 25
    10. Peepza – 23
    11. Harry Peepter – 21

    Tallying the votes was interesting because it would go in waves. First on entry would get a ton of votes and then another. I don’t know if that is due to people being influenced by those who voted before them or if it is just coincidence. Maybe next year we should have a secret ballot. What do you think?

  7. I think a secret ballot is a better idea.

    I hate to keep making requests, but I’d like to see the names of all the entrants. I know you have put in a lot of work already, but it would nice to see who all entered. (This is just my opinion though) And then I promise not to make any more requests :)

  8. Thanks again for putting on this contest! I had a blast participating and viewing all the wonderful entries.

  9. Out of boredom, I decided to tally the votes myself from the post below.

    It looks like there were some votes cast that weren’t made public, unless my elementary math skills have failed me. Votes that were not cast publicly should not be included.

    Hot Dog @ 60 pts
    Let my Peeps Go @ 59 pts
    Lincoln’s Last Peep Show @ 50 pts

  10. Yes, we did have a few votes come in via email and one cast on a different post. I assume that they wanted to vote anonymously so I won’t give names but here are the numbers.


    I thought that there was one more, but I could find it.

    Also, if the numbers still don’t tally correctly it is not ballet stuffing, it is simply that I can’t count. I am actually glad somebody else did a count to double check my work. Thanks.

    Also, Bryce, I am not ignoring your comment about wanting the names, I just haven’t gotten around to collecting them. I will try to do that soon and I will email it to you.

  11. Sorry for the double comment. But I just reread Anonymous’ comment.

    We stated in the voting rules that you could email in your votes if you wanted to. It would be unfair to deny those people their votes now.

    I am sorry if things did not turn out how you wished, but I promise that we did this thing as fairly as possible. We never told anyone which entry was ours (or anybody else’s) and we did our best to show no favoritism.

    I hope you still had fun. I know we did.

  12. Yes, you did say that we could email you our votes and I think that was very appropriate.

    I’m also not trying to make “Anonymous” feel bad, but even if you only count the votes submitted publicly (as he/she did), “Anonymous” showed that the top three winners are exactly the same (in the same order!) the only difference is how close the count was. So I am not exactly sure what the problem is. What did he/she want you to change??

    I thought it was a very fair and fun contest and congratulations to you two for making the coolest entry!

  13. I totally knew that the Nathan’s was your cause of your curtains in the background!:) not like I’ve seen them in real life but because you said before they were from Ikea. talk about stalker…
    anyways good job on the contest guys!! it was fun even though I didn’t get to participate in making one because we had a crazy week that week.

  14. oh yeah and i think you totally guys deserved first place, I was a little sad that pooh didn’t place though..that was my favorite. (no offense)

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