Peep Show 2008

Peep Show 2008

We were so impressed with the entries for the Peep Show. There were 23* of them this year. Take a stroll through the gallery below and then cast your vote! Here are the rules for voting:

1. Everybody can pick a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place entry.
2. 1st place votes will get 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, 3rd place 1 point.
3. Entries with the most points win.
4. All votes must be cast by next Sunday night, March 30th.
5. Anyone can vote, whether or not they entered the contest.
6. Cast your votes in the comments section, or if you prefer, e-mail us. (heiselt at gmail dot com or heiseltea at gmail dot com)

1. American Peepinators

2. Beach Peeps

3. Bunny Bath

4. Cadbury Farms

5. “Don’t Fear the Peeper (More Cowbell!)”

6. Easter Hunter

7. Easter Island

8. Fourth of July Hot Dog Peeping Contest

9. Harry Peepter & the Quidditch Match

10. High School Peepsical

11. Let My Peeps Go

12.Lincoln’s Last Peep Show

13. Oregon Trail Peeps

14. Peep Town’s American Idol

15. Peepémon

16. Peepza

17. Sergeant Peeper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

18. Shakespeepe

19. Teenage Mutant Ninja Peeps

20. The Ugly Duckling

21. This is How We Roll

22. Winnie the Peep

23. Peeps Bathroom

*Addendum: Entry #23 was finished on time, but merely got lost in the pipe works. Sorry about that.

71 thoughts on “Peep Show 2008

  1. SO clever!! Although I know (and can guess) who made a few of the entries, it does not affect my decision in the slightest.

    My vote, in order, is:

    I wish we had remembered to enter! (Although one my only creative play-on-words was Sargent Peeper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, which was entered by someone else entirely! :))

  2. It is nice to see that the peep show bug is not restricted to just our small group of friends and family. Unfortunately, we don’t think it would be fair to all those who entered our contest if we allowed late entries at this point. Please feel free to post links to others’ creations, though. It is really fun to see the different things people come up with. Sorry.

  3. #1 — Lincoln’s Last Peep Show (Freakin’ Hilarious)
    #2 — Winnie the Peep
    #3 — Let My Peeps Go

    Great job everyone. 😀

  4. 1st- #12 (Lincoln)
    2nd- #8 (Hotdog)
    3rd- #16 (Peepza)

    Oh my gosh, I loved them all! I was laughing the whole way through. “Peep”le are so clever.

  5. I like the historical ones: I would have to say
    #1 Lincoln’s Ford’s Theatre (lol)
    #2 Let My Peeps go
    #3 Harry Potter peepitch (well that’s a stretch on historical huh?)

  6. So creative!! I would have to say:
    #1: 12 – Lincoln’s Last Peep Show
    #2: 11- Let my Peeps go
    #3: 5 – Don’t Fear the Peeper(More Cowbell) (Fav SNL skit!!)

  7. 1st- Lincoln’s last peep show
    2nd- Let my peeps gp
    3rd- Peepemon (of course…Tyrel helped me vote)

  8. Hey guys – this is John’s wife. Awesome contest!

    My votes are:
    1st – Don’t fear the peeper
    2nd – Sgt Peeper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
    3rd – Winnie the Peep.

    That’s a toughy. Nice work! :)

  9. Okay, Here is my vote. This was hard.

    1. #8 – Hot Dog Contest
    2. #6 – Easter Hunter
    3. #16 – Peepza (there’s just something hilarious about a bunch of dismembered peep parts strewn across a cardboard crust)

  10. 5. Don’t Fear the Peeper

    11. Let My Peeps Go

    6. Easter Hunter

    Great contest! I wish I’d known about it before-hand.

  11. It was very hard to choose! But here it is:

    1st: #8 hot dog contest
    2nd: #18 Shakespeare
    3rd: #12 Lincoln’s last peep show

    Way to go! I look forward to participating again next year.

  12. 1st: 8 – 4th of July Hot Dog Eating
    2nd: 5 – Don’t fear the peeper
    3rd: 6 – Easter Hunter

  13. 1st: #12 – Lincoln’s Last Peep Show
    2nd: #8 – Hot Dog Peeping Contest
    3rd: #5 – “Don’t Fear the Peeper”

  14. I had a hard time deciding because they are all so clever! Congratulation, everyone, on your creativity. Although I also really liked the Harry Peepter one and the 4th of July Hot dog peeping contest, I guess my favorites are as follows:
    First: #22, Winnie the Peep
    Second: #18 – Shakespeepe
    Third: #11 – Let my Peeps go

    Fun contest!

  15. LOVE IT!!!!!

    1st Place = #11, “Let My Peeps Go”

    2nd Place = #22 “Winnie the Peep”

    3rd Place = #7, “Easter Island” (LOVE the Rapa nui Moai! Classic.)

  16. Those are all so great and clever!

    1st place: #11 Let my Peeps Go
    2nd place: #17 Sergeant Peeper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
    3rd Place: #3 Bunny Bath

  17. my votes are
    #1. winnie the peep
    #2. Peepza
    #3. Easter Island — too funny!

  18. This is the order it must be:

    8 – hotdogs – now there’s some artistic talent
    5 – more cowbell! – hilarious, make sure you’ve seen the inspiration behind this one
    12- in the theater, with the revolver – just cool, well done

  19. Good work everyone! Since I have to pick, my favorites were:

    1. Hot Dog Stand
    2. Shakespeepe
    3. Let my Peeps Go

    Thanks for giving us a fun Easter activity!

  20. Great fun!!!

    #1. Lincoln’s last Peep show. (#12)
    #2. Sgt. Peeper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. (#17)
    #3. More Cowbell. (#5)

  21. This was awesome. Thanks Lizzie and Micah for putting this together so we could all participate.

    Since our kids designed contest entries I figured they deserved to vote too! Here are our votes:

    11 – Let My Peeps Go
    16 – Peepza
    20 – The Ugly Peepling

    16 – Peepza
    10 – High School Peepsical
    19 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Peeps

    10 – High School Peepsical
    11 – Let My Peeps Go
    22 – Winnie-the-Peep

    16 – Peepza
    8 – Fourth of July Hot Dog
    11 – Let My Peeps Go

    Thanks again everyone for making this so much fun.

  22. 1. I think #23 (Peeps Bathroom) is hilarious

    2. #11 (Let My Peeps Go) best title ever

    3. #5 &6 can there be a tie? sorry- they are both equally great

  23. They’re all awesome, it was hard to decide!

    Natalie’s Vote:
    First Place – 4th of July (8)
    Second Place – Shakespeepe (18)
    Third Place – Let My Peeps Go (11)

    Cameron’s Vote:
    First-4th of July (8)
    Second-Lincoln’s Peep Show (12)
    Third-Harry Peepter (9)

  24. Here are my votes:

    #1- 17 -Sgt Peeper’s
    #2- 23 -Peeps Bathroom
    #3 – 22 -Winnie the Peep


  25. this is harder than voting for president.
    1st: easter hunter
    2nd: beach peeps
    3rd: peeps bathroom
    good job all. we had fun with this. Thanks again, Micah & Liz.

  26. First: 4th of July (kudos to whoever did this one for the amount of detail they have)
    Second: High School Musical (I like how the basketballs go up to their shoulders)
    Third: Lincoln’s Last Peep Show (I didn’t notice the gun before, but that is pretty funny)

  27. First: #18
    Second: #9
    Third: #8

    I finally picked these ones with sweats on my palms and forehead, tough choices…

  28. I’m sad I procrastinated entering and then ran out of time. There are tons of great entries though. Here are my votes.
    1. #5
    2. #6
    3. #23

  29. My vote:
    First 9
    Second 17
    Third 11

    thanks for the great laugh.
    You are all great Peepers

  30. Hey Micah,

    Good to hear from you.
    Here are my picks:

    1. Peeps Bathroom (23)
    2. High School Peepers (10)
    3. Four of July Hot Dog… (8)

    I saw one of peeps crowding on to a bus in the general section, but didn’t see a number on it. That would’ve been my top choice. Hope all is well with you and the family on the east side.



  31. I had a great time participating in your contest. My favorites are:

    1. Fourth of July #8
    2. Peepza #16
    3. Peeps Bathroom #23 (So true, except for Rice Eccles Stadium)

  32. 1st-Let my peeps go (Brilliant- especially after seeing Charlton Heston in Ten Commandments last weekend)

    2nd-Peepza (lol because of its repulsive factor, after having bitten off so many peep parts to make them stick in my own scene)

    3rd-Fourth of July (Kudos to your eye for detail- loved the bury-the-body-in-the-sand-peep!)

    Thanks, from Meg’s aunt, for letting us join in the peep show!

  33. I vote for
    #1 – Hotdog Stand (#8)
    #2 – Bunnies at the Beach (#2)
    #3 – High School Peepsical (#?)

  34. heard about this from the singley’s. people are really creative. my votes are:

    #1 – 12
    #2 – 5
    #3 – 9

  35. Our daughter wants to vote too, so here goes:

    1st-Peeps Bathroom (“It’s like real life!”)
    2nd-Beach Peeps (loves the bikinis)
    3rd-Let my peeps go (She gets to play Pharoah in her 1st grade opera in April so she loved this one!)

    What a thrill for her to see her entry on the internet! Great family fun.

  36. 1. Winnie the Peep
    2. Harry Peepter
    3. Hot dog Peeping contest
    4. Shakespeepe
    so cute! p.s. i am allison crockett’s little sister hannah, can i participate next year? just email alli the answer so she can email me.

  37. My choices are as follows:

    Ford’s theater
    ninja turtles

    Great job everyone!

    Lizzie, our flight leaves at 1:50 p.m. on the 19th. Plan Simon’s luau accordingly. :)

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