The Banana Boy

The Banana Boy

Simon loves bananas. With a passion. He will eat a whole banana in one sitting. He will try to get the banana peels out of the trash. And whenever he sees a banana, he goes a little bit crazy. Take our experience on the train yesterday, for example. I am wearing Simon and we are sitting on a bench. I’m reading an article for one of my classes and Simon is content just chilling and watching people. A lady gets on and sits next to us. I am fairly oblivious, but Simon starts squirming and making his wonderful moaning noise and stretching towards our new neighbor. She has a cup of coffee. And a banana. I move the article so that he can’t see the banana any more, but it is too late. He squirms some more. I get out his cheerios as a distraction, but his gaze is still toward the banana. Finally, I admit to our neighbor that my child is coveting her banana and that is why he is a bit of a wreck. She offers him a piece, but I tell her that isn’t necessary, he just ate a banana an hour ago. She kindly offers to put it away. Simon calms down. We end up getting off at the same stop as our neighbor. As we prepare to leave the car she says, “Are you going to follow me and steal my banana?” I assure her that I will try to keep him in check.

10 thoughts on “The Banana Boy

  1. Funny that Simon is so obsessed!

    And it reminds me of another banana obsession my nephew, Ryan, went through. He didn’t like eating them–just peeling them. He’d go to people’s houses and they’d find him later having peeled every banana in the bunch. :) I think Jen was constantly buying bananas for other people to replace what he ruined.

  2. Sounds like you have an adorable little monkey on your hands! I cannot get Peter to eat a banana to save his life. I try and puree it and mask it by other flavors but he just always seems to know…

  3. Hey, what’dya do differently?? You now show up on my Google reader. ?? No complaints here. :)

  4. Funny, Emma was crazy about bananas for a long time, too. One day she decided she hated them and hasn’t touched one since.

  5. I think that’s hilarious. I couldn’t believe how Simon chewed through the bottom of the banana peel trying to reach the inner goodness after eating the top half, not realizing that Mom was saving the rest for the following day. I suppose he got what he wanted the next day with a bit extra banana juice to go with it. I wonder though if he’ll always love bananas. My good friend Brian hates them so much that he distances himself if anybody else in the room is eating anything to do with bananas. Must have been traumatized as a child.

  6. PS I failed to mention that this occurance was while Lizzie and I overlapped on our stay in Ohio. I don’t think the boy realizes he’s full if he sees a banana!

  7. That’s so cute! I myself am not much of a banana eater, but get me around anything with coconut and I have pretty much the same reaction.

  8. haha! how cool are your subway adventures. we have these moments too, but the setting really pales in comparison. :)

  9. In Paris we would call that a “Metro Moment” – I love having those times when you actually have fun talking to the person next to you. I hope you were able to keep Simon in check! ;0)

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