Micah was the saddest, loneliest man in the world when Simon and I were gone last week. He was also the busiest. Besides working, he served his jury duty sentence (but was not selected to actually be on a jury), completed our quarterly Costco run (I can’t live without that 72 oz. bag of chocolate chips), and made himself useful around the house. The following pictures are evidence that not only did he take full advantage of the empty apartment, but also that he has skills to burn. Unfortunately, the coolest project is still incomplete and unable to be photographed. I’m so excited for when it is finished and we can show you.Micah’s dad made this box a long time ago. Micah sanded it and restained it, then put a coat of polyurethane on it. He replaced the handle on the drawer and added the legs (which made the nightstand much taller than he anticipated — but at least Simon won’t be able to reach it just yet).

He also designed and sewed this saddle-bag for Simon’s crib. It looks great and is so handy. The pockets are lined and everything. And notice all of the little ties — can you tell how impressed I am? Usually Simon’s stuff ends up strewn about the apartment, but no more. It would have taken me months to do this and it wouldn’t have turned out half as nice.

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  1. That night stand is incredible. It looks like something you’d see at Design Within Reach for a couple hundred dollars. The legs make it look like an Eames piece. Very cool.

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