Hanging out in the Hospital

Hanging out in the Hospital

Simon and I flew to Columbus last Saturday to visit Will. It’s been an experience to remember. Will is making a lot of progress. His gross motor skills are just fine, although he does have some trouble with balance and he likes to do everything faster than is safe. He is making a lot of progress with eating and talking, but it is slow going. The stroke hit both sides of his thalamus, so neither side is able to compensate for the other. From what I understand a stroke that hits both sides of the brain is even more rare than a stroke in a healthy young person. But he seems to be in high spirits and loves to throw towels at anybody who gives him a hard time. (Note to self: don’t bother reminding him to close his mouth when swallowing.)

Mostly we’ve just been having a grand old time trying to keep a lively 10 month old happy and out of the way of so many nurses and techs and therapists and friends. Will has at least 4 visitors every night. I tell you, his social life is much more active than mine ever was and he can’t even talk. What a guy. He’s managed to almost beat me at Rummikub (we ran out of time), sort of beat me and Becca at Skip-bo (he cheated), and is starting to get back to playing the piano (right hand only). We’ll be here until Sunday when Jarom will come to take our place.

Jar, I suggest practicing your towel-throwing before you get on the plane.

4 thoughts on “Hanging out in the Hospital

  1. I’m so glad to hear he’s doing better. My sister had a stroke a few years ago and it’s a really scary time. I hope he continues to improve.

  2. We’ve been wondering how he’s been doing. I’m glad that he is progressing so well. We’re still praying for him (and you) often!

  3. Hey Lizzie, Micah just showed us your blog the other night. We’re so glad that you were able to go to Ohio, and especially that your brother is recovering well. Hope you made it home safely, and that we’ll see you soon.

  4. Thanks for the update, we have also been wondering. It sounds like he is recovering remarkably well, all considered. How blessed he is to have so many loving caring people around him! We’ll continue to keep you all in our prayers.

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