The Leaky Ceiling

The Leaky Ceiling

Remember how we had only lived here a few days when this happened in the hallway?:
And we’d only been here a few weeks when we came home from church to find our kitchen ceiling leaking.:Our living room ceiling started leaking when they turned the heat on and our calls to the plumber and the landlord resulted in . . . nothing. Or more accurately, a slight cave in, which happened a few weeks ago.:Last night we came home from a Chinese New Year Party to find the mat in the bathroom soaking wet and no real evidence to tell us how it got that way. We suspect there was a flood upstairs that dripped down through the light fixture.

Only six months left on our lease . . . .

2 thoughts on “The Leaky Ceiling

  1. Oh that is so SAD! I’m so sorry! I remember one of our first apartments where beetles would periodically drop from the ceiling… just think of all the fun stories you’ll get to tell Simon when he’s older! *sigh* Okay that’s all I can think of to cheer you up.

  2. Hang in there, flooding is never fun. Our roof was totally bulging in Logan and leaking water but the landlord never fixed it. It’s more fun that way though. Just keep telling yourself that.

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