Sleep standing up

Sleep standing up

Last night we were determined to get a little bit of time to ourselves after Simon went to sleep. For the past few days he has not been napping well and doing his darnedest to sleep only when we sleep. I know, fun times in the Heiselt home. We’re still new parents. But Friday night is “Lost” night at our place since we don’t have a TV, and it is hard to catch all of the important little things when a certain someone is crawling over you and trying to poke his finger up your nose and grab your glasses. It was essential that he not crash our party.

Once he drifted off, we put him in his crib. He woke up and stood in his crib, but was obviously really tired, so I just laid him back down and we waited a little while to see if he would wake up and be upset. After 10 minutes or so, we high-fived and started the show. And then it started. Every few minutes we would hear groans cries from the bedroom, followed by several minutes of silence. Once or twice I thought it was Aaron, Claire’s baby in “Lost.” But it wasn’t. It was Simon. We assumed he was just rolling over or adjusting, that he was fighting a losing battle with the sandman.

The show ended, we talked about it, we theorized, we went back over parts we hadn’t quite caught the first time. And then we got ready for bed. Instead of praying next to our bed as was our habit, we prayed in the living room so as not to disturb the child, who was still moaning intermittently. Imagine our surprise when we sneaked into our room to find Simon standing in his crib, where we assume he had been almost since we left him. And where he had been nodding off to sleep, then waking up, moaning, and nodding off again. Every 10-15 minutes for 2 1/2 hours.

What a champ. Hopefully he’ll give up a little bit sooner tonight.

4 thoughts on “Sleep standing up

  1. That wasn’t meant to say that Micah doesn’t have determination and drive too, I just have never met a person with quite as much drive as lizzie heiselt.

    it was a compliment okay jeeze :)

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