Clip Number Two

Clip Number Two

I pitched one of my stories from last semester before we went to Ohio for Christmas. The paper, City Limits Weekly, was interested in the idea but wanted a different kind of story. When we got back to NYC I did a lot more reporting, rewrote the story, and was told it would run on January 21. Sadly, that week was a big news week, so my story got pushed back to the 28th. I finally got around to checking out the website last night and there it was. I think it turned out pretty well. I’ve done so much work on it and it’s been so long since I started it that I have a hard time being as excited about it as my first clip

There will be a point (I hope) when I no longer feel the need to alert the world every time somebody prints one of my stories. But until then, please indulge me.

And because the last post didn’t have a picture, here is one of the munchkin, who is still making our lives bright and our nights sleepless.

8 thoughts on “Clip Number Two

  1. Congrats on the story being published. I love that picture. His eyes look so excited and intense. It’s awesome.

  2. I just got a call from someone who enjoyed my article and wanted to help the program out a bit. That was kind of exciting. He said it was very well-written and well reported. That does a lot to boost my ego coming from somebody who writes for the New Yorker, especially since reporting is not my strong suit and often scares me. But I’m thrilled that my story had enough of an impact on somebody for them to want to do something about it.

  3. Nice! Please do alert us every time you have a story published. How else will we know about it!?
    Also do you get paid per story or how does that work?

  4. wow! this is unbelievably cool! well, i shouldnt say unbelievably since it is very believable that you would be so talented and smart and have something so great happen! :)

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