Extreme Makeover: Toy Box Edition

Extreme Makeover: Toy Box Edition

A few years back all of the kids in our family received a big wooden box from our Uncle Neil. These boxes are big and heavy duty and we were excited that we could finally claim ours when we moved back to the mainland. The key to this present, though, is that Uncle Neil gave these to us unfinished.

Here is a play by play:

Ta-da. Thanks Uncle Neil.

*Just for fun, can anybody name that font? (Yes, I am a geeky designer.) The winner gets their choice of either 10 points or a gold flaky star.

18 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Toy Box Edition

  1. So pretty! I love it.

    My only suggestion (though you’ve probably already thought of it–or have it and just didn’t show pics of it) is when Simon gets old enough to actually use it himself, to make sure you have a stopper mechanism or something so the lid doesn’t smash small fingers. We’ve experienced something close and it wasn’t pretty. :)

  2. Looks great! We are FINALLY building our entertainment center, so ours can FINALLY leave full-time TV duty.

  3. That is one fabulous toy box! I’ll challenge Jacob to take a peek and guess at the font – he is always naming fonts when we’re out at restaurants etc. :)

  4. Okay Micah I’m going to take on the design geek challenge because I’m a super, out of control design geek. I’m guessing Clarendon or if not Clarendon another slab serif that looks quite similar like Egyptian? Let me know if I nailed it or missed it by a long shot.

    The box looks great. You always were fantastic when it came to making anything three dimensional. That meticulous attention to detail! Cheers.

  5. Whoa thats awesome! How did you think of that!? And how’d you do that top toy slab thing?
    What a talented person you are. Very impressed. But not in the least bit surprised.

  6. Hi–I obviously didn’t look to closely at the second picture which shows how you made the top toy slab. Um so ignore my question :)

  7. To echo what everyone else has said, wow. And by that I mean WOW. That looks like the funnest toy box ever!

  8. great colors and font. i’m such a design nerd (in the opposite way, however) that i don’t have a foggiest on the font. the process and the outcome are both inspring.

  9. Thanks everybody for your comments. Now I know where to come for a ego boost whenever I need it.

    So, I was going to wait for Matthan to take a guess on the font before announcing the winner, but I will go ahead. Drum roll please. The winner is Jacob!

    Despite being the only person to pose vote, he was also right when he said it was Clarendon*. I will admit that it is a very heavily used font (especially among BYU designers), but only because it is a really good one. I would highly recommend it for all of your slab serif needs. Although, in case anybody really cares, I did tweak the original “y” to help it fit this usage better.

    Thanks again.

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