Nothing is Safe

Nothing is Safe

I usually put Simon in his crib while I make our bed and tidy the apartment, and sometimes while I take a quick shower. He knows how to pull himself to standing, and he likes to walk along the railing. He is contained and content, two things that rarely coincide any more. This morning I put him there while I read on our bed with the hope that he would realize how tired he was and fall asleep. It was long after his nap time. Instead of sleeping, he grabbed the comforter and started to pull himself out of the crib, but he didn’t have a good enough grip on the fabric and gave up. My curiosity was piqued. I let him grab onto my hands so I could assess the possibility of him actually pulling himself out, and with a good grip, he lifted himself over the railing and onto the bed. Still, I thought we had a few weeks until he could do it without my help. I was wrong.
This afternoon I put him in his crib again while I got my list together before we went to the store. I left my phone on our bed, out of Simon’s reach, while I went to check the recipe for dinner tonight. My phone is one of his favorite toys. (And, yes, he has managed to phone in an emergency call. Whoops.) Within just a minute or two I heard struggles from the bedroom, followed closely by somewhat muffled sounds of distress, not cries or screams, just grunts. But I hurried back in there nonetheless to find the little frog out of his crib, slipping down into the space between it and our bed, the phone clenched to his chest. I almost died. (Confession: as I was leaving the room I said, “There’s my phone, go get it.” I need to be more careful with my commands.)

The mattress is being lowered tonight.

Oh, and notice how the heating pipe has a towel wrapped around it? I pushed the crib as far from the pipe as it would go and I was watching him specifically to make sure he wouldn’t/couldn’t touch it. But he was too quick for me. Thankfully there was no damage, just a little surprise, and up went the towel. I suppose that puts me out of the running for Mother of the Year, eh? And it’s only January 18th. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Nothing is Safe

  1. Goodness, there goes the neighborhood… oh wait, wrong expression! He’s definitely going to keep you on your toes from here on out! We love you guys.

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