Name That Toy

Name That Toy

My little sister had a toy dog she named Threnchie. We have no idea where the name came from. I don’t think she does either. She opened the package on Christmas morning 13 years ago (when she was about 3) and it was as if she recognized the dog from a previous life. It was Threnchie, not Frenchie, from the beginning. I’ve looked forward to my kids naming their own toys to see if they are as inventive as my sister was. Sadly, Simon is still too young to name his toys, so his dad has taken that hefty responsibility upon himself.

May I present to you Squidpig and Diaper the Turtle.Squidpig, so named because Micah is not sure if the white and gray circle is a snout or an eye, was a gift from the Crosbys. I personally think it is a snout, and not that of a pig. I’m thinking more like a bear. A bear for the bath (hence the washcloth and loop to hang it on the showerhead). But Squidpig hasn’t made it to the bathtub. Maybe s/he is afraid of water.
Diaper the Turtle was a Christmas gift from our branch Christmas party. When Simon opened it his cousin Neils said that it felt like it was made out of a diaper. Micah picked that up quick as a scurrying squirrel and we’ve been unable to shake the name. Diaper the Turtle came with markers so that the child can color him/her someday when his first impulse is no longer to put the marker in his mouth as soon as he has a good grip on it.

I’m still looking forward to Simon naming his toys himself.

4 thoughts on “Name That Toy

  1. My brother Matt helps his little girl Leah name her dolls. They are the funniest names. I think one is Rogene. It’s great.

  2. Lizzie, are you positive it was Threnchie? Because I’m pretty sure it was Frenchie. I do agree that she and that dog bonded pretty quickly though. I still remember picking it out for her… 😉

  3. It was totally Threnchie Sarah. We asked Jess again and again if she didn’t mean Frenchie. Just thought I’d set the record straight. Unless Jess wants to….

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