So Stylish

So Stylish

One of the many wonderful things about the NYC Craigslist is that you can almost always find an apprentice hairstylist who is in need of a hair model. Micah has been encouraging me to volunteer for the position for a few months now, and I thought that while I was on break I would take advantage of the opportunity. So I went to Bumble and Bumble today and Allen cut my hair. I so very much enjoyed it. He did a razor bob and a lot of thinning so I don’t get triangle hair. And it’s supposed to be easy for me to wash and wear it this way, even with my natural wave. We’ll see how that goes after I shower tomorrow. But here’s what it looks like with Allen’s styling job. I doubt I’ll ever get my hair this smooth and straight again, but it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully my previous stylist won’t complain too much. In fact, I would prefer that he leave it alone as much as possible.

9 thoughts on “So Stylish

  1. Ow!Ow! Lookin’ good Lizzie! I don’t know though, I think your previous stylist looks like he’s dedicated and knows what he’s doing. 😉

  2. i love that you said triangle hair! i know exactly what this is!!! my hair usually reverts to that very style when cut short- luckily you had a stylist who understands the danger! you look great!

  3. Looking good! I love that Simon totally looks like he knows what he’s doing! With his binky in his mouth he looks so serious!

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