I'm Slightly Obsessed

I'm Slightly Obsessed

With Simon’s teeth. Or lack thereof. I know this because a few days ago I had a dream that one of his top teeth started to come in. I showed Micah and Mom Heiselt and as I was showing them the tooth, it started to grow. And then the rest of his teeth started to grow in as well. And they kept growing, really fast. And then they fell out and his permanent teeth started to grow in. And they kept growing and then they fell out. My joy turned to disappointment as I realized we were going to have to get dentures for our 8 month old baby.
But the dream was only one manifestation of my obsession. We have attributed every bout of moodiness since he was 3 months old to teething. I have been searching his gums for teeth earnestly for several months now. Two weeks ago when we were at JFK waiting for our flight I was certain I saw signs of the coming ivories. And then he got a fever and was super cranky, which surely meant those little nubs were just about to bust through his gums. But I have been met only by disappointment. Until last night.

Last night Simon woke up screaming every hour (usually just one sharp scream followed by a sleepier scream until we could do something to help him). And this morning I looked at those little gums and there is certainly a white spot that looks like the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I hope to report continued progress by the end of the week.

Photo courtesy of Will’s fancy-shmancy new camera. Simon is displaying both his empty mouth and his awesome flying skills.

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