The Year So Far

The Year So Far

Is it really only 4 days into 2008? It feels like it has been a lot longer than that since 2007 ended. Maybe it is because we did nothing to mark the change in years. We went to bed early (11:45). We made no resolutions. We were oblivious to any celebration. We plan only to survive the next 361 days and maintain our sanity while we do it. We hope that this year we become a little more stable, a little more settled. We hope that by December 31, 2008 we have earned our Master’s degree; have a full-time job; and are walking, talking, eating real solid foods and sleeping through the night.

So far we are just making it through the first scary fever of babyhood. Simon’s temperature has been up and down for a little while, but the past few days it has been too high. We thought it was an ear infection, then teething, but we’ve settled on it being your everyday cold. The poor kid has had his nose wiped more times than he probably cares to think about and has taken a few lukewarm baths to keep him cool. Here’s hoping that he’s all better before we head back to New York on Monday. There is so much truth to the thought that nobody needs a vacation like the person who just had a vacation. I think we’re going to be feeling that double when we go back home.
Today is Mom Heiselt’s birthday, but we celebrated yesterday because we were planning to head to Indiana to visit Adrian and Jodie today. (We may still go, just waiting to see how Simon feels when he wakes up from his nap.) We made an ice cream cake (a Blackhurst family favorite) for the occasion. Micah made it pretty and took the pretty picture.

4 thoughts on “The Year So Far

  1. I remember the first time Peter had a temperature over 102… I was so worried and he was so miserable. I truly hope Simon gets feeling better soon.

  2. That is gorgeous!

    Sad we didn’t get to see you–I hope Simon is feeling better soon!! Have a safe trip back home!

  3. Great cake! Thanks for taking care of mom. Love you guys. It was so great spending time with you while you were in Ohio. We’ll sure miss you and that little guy of yours!

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