'Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

We flew out to Ohio today for Christmas. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride in the airport today. Long story short: We got to JFK super early, our flight looked like it was on time. It was supposed to take off at 1:40. At 1:30 they finally told us it was delayed an hour. I was upset, Micah went to get me food (we had an early breakfast and nothing to eat at the airport). While he was gone this couple with a baby came and sat down next to us. First thing the husband said when Micah came back: “Are you a graphic designer?” It turns out they had a design class together at BYU and tons of mutual friends. He and his wife and six-week-old had been stuck in JFK since yesterday because their flight to Maine was canceled (they were flying from Salt Lake and had a connection at JFK). It made our delay seem so trivial and it was so nice to have friends to talk to while we waited.

But then our flight got called, so we said goodbye, went to the gate, and were told that there was no room for us on the flight. Funny thing. Nobody told us we had bought standby tickets. We were obviously upset (and we will never fly Delta again if we can avoid it), but the lady who helped us at the ticket counter was great and made it really hard to be angry. Unfortunately, she couldn’t really get us on the next flight, and it was only by a small miracle in which another couple decided to give up their seats to Columbus (they had found a direct flight to LA) right when we were just about to leave the ticket counter, so we got their seats. And we got to spend another hour with our new friends before we all flew away.

So all’s well that ends well. And although it was a long day at JFK after a long night of packing and a long morning of getting the apartment cleaned, we’re here in Ohio with family for Christmas, and that is what’s important.

Oh, and since I’ve been meaning to blog this for a few days, I might as well do it now. My Journalism professor encouraged me to ask the Journalism department if there might be a space for me in the program starting next semester. So I asked and they said yes! I am very excited, especially because I no longer have to write a thesis and I will still be able to finish by next Christmas. We feel so blessed by the way things have worked out and so grateful for all of these opportunities we have.

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  1. they were seors@.hetnna i know, im in love too, peach is amazing :) they were sent to me btw. x@Tali yes we have similar taste :) thanks girlie, i will investigate that cetaphil – hope u had a great holiday! x@mad munky the texture of the cream blush is amazing, so soft, easily blendable much better than mac.@dila lover is lovely :) x@naomi yes it a relatively new British brand xx

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