CookieFest 2007

CookieFest 2007

The irony of going from “On Eating Well” to “Snack Time!” to “CookieFest 2007” is not lost on me. Perhaps it is a reflection of my ability to plan ahead for Christmas: I start planning thoughtful gifts and fun holiday activities in early November. Then three weeks before Christmas I realize that I haven’t done anything towards fulfilling those plans and switch to something a little quicker and easier. Finally, a week before Christmas I realize I should have mailed things already and to heck with the careful planning, the best I can do is shove empty calories down people’s throats and stifle the guilt I feel for not coming through on my original plan.

If we do nothing else, at least we can make hundreds of cookies in one weekend.
This year the featured cookies are: springerle, chocolate-almond bonbons, chocolate sandwich cookies (with strawberry cream cheese filling), cranberry jumbles, snickerdoodle pinwheels, and peach linzer bars. For those who don’t get to taste, feast your eyes.

12/20 addendum – Here are some more pictures of the process and such:

12 thoughts on “CookieFest 2007

  1. I always wonder how you guys can carry out such a big task. How long does it take to make them all, and do you do it all in one day?
    I miss all those delicious treats.

  2. P.P.S. That last picture reminds me of the scene in Beauty and the Beast where the plates and cups are dancing and they just multiply until the screen is completely covered with rows and rows of them. Just thought you’d like to know. 😀

  3. I’m way impressed by your baking abilities. I guess you’re cooking is always impressive. You should make a cook book. If they taste as good as they look, I’m sure it would be a hit.

  4. Wow you are amazing bakers! You are inspiring me to do some backing as well. I think you need to devote a blog to taking such amazing photos I could sure use some tips. Merry Christmas.

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